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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro:Off-topic 4 the POPULAR #1

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
If you're implying that Nole is a bit of an actor sometimes,then you're in good company.Though aye DO feel that he's legitimately hurt and didn't play near his best,I take sort of a balanced attitude towards Nole:

By Star Male Athlete standards,he's a lot more likable than many of the nasty pricks we see in the sporting world.On the other hand,he's hardly the saint,IMO,that many of his fans make him out to be.I can't speak authoritatively on when he's faking or exaggerating injury,but aye WILL say that his claims of innocent friendships with a couple WTA stars are ludicrous when you look at the facts.I suppose he deserves some small measure of credit for not being a braggart over his romantic exploits;however,I suspect that his gf,Jelena,has long since purchased an Ivanovic dartboard if any such items are available.Nole has apparently been in that relationship for over five years,so there's no reason why his 'close,platonic friend' Ana couldn't ever have greeted the person whom Nole has practically been married to--the one who's been such a huge part of his life.Strangely,though,one can't find one solitary photo of Ana having lunch...going to a movie...or going shopping...with Nole AND his newspaper clippings mentioning that,either.....probably just a media oversight,huh?
Novak and Ana, huh? No wonder he always looks so tired.

...No, I don't think that he fakes being injured. But I think it's probably a minor injury that he uses to get the crowd on his side and to give his opponent a false impression of how he's doing. After one hour yesterday he had that "I can't go on. I think I'm gonna give up at the next change of ends" look on his face, but he kept on sprinting like Usain Bolt and doing those splits like Kim Clijsters for the next four hours. But yeah, he seems like a nice guy. Someone who takes his tennis very seriously, but not himself. Great sense of humour too.

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