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Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
At the very least,even elite players get punished harshly...unlike baseball where the front office tips off their it's FAR from a complete failure.The shortcomings result mostly from the cleverness of certain offenders who use hard-to-detect masking techniques.
The big problem is the length of time (3 days) that the substance is detectable is very short. That is the logic behind Bio Passports (which have largely only helped to target some testing) and out of competition tests. For an Olympic sport, tennis would appear to be quite lax on the OofC tests... It's bizarre to me just how much damage athletes are prepared to do to their bodies in the quest for success, and how little can be done to counter it with the current methods and approach... Maybe the wrong people are being held accountable?


Back to your NFL talk... Are the Sea Hawks still around, and if so are they still as bad as when I used to cheer for them (1980's)?

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