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Originally Posted by JadeFox View Post
There's a drug testing program but it's not like tennis. From what I know it's not as rigorous as tennis. Kinda surprising given that Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner is gung ho about making a better image for the league.
At the very least,even elite players get punished harshly...unlike baseball where the front office tips off their it's FAR from a complete failure.The shortcomings result mostly from the cleverness of certain offenders who use hard-to-detect masking techniques

Btw,I'm not gonna gloat cuz there's nothing to brag about;it was kind of a no-win situation for Petra b/c it's an embarrassment for a top player to lose to the Mannequin/Fraud...yet there's no reward--other than moving on--if you win.It's sorta like if actors Russell Crowe or Wesley Snipes,who have masqueraded as boxers in the movies,challenged Vitali Klitschko to a match.If either actor even caused a cut on Vitali's face,then all the boxing fans would snicker at he'd have to completely annihilate his foe to get due credit...and even THEN he wouldn't get much

For the record,I've decided to support Caro if she and Petra meet in the final...w/o ANY rancor towards Petra,of course....I just feel that the title would be much more important for Sunshine at this stage

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