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Originally Posted by terjw View Post
I used to be a JJ fan. And I still do like her. But I very rarely go into her forum and the last time I posted there was the Fed Cup. It's just a nasty atmosphere there now and it didn't use to be.

To my mind - the reason the two fan-bases don't get along is totally the fault of the JJ fans - or rather two of the JJ fans there. I just went to have a look at JJ's forum and I see Lepa calling Caro "sly and opportunist". - and that's tame compared with the hatred for Caro he/she posted in the past. You do not get any Caro fans spewing venom at JJ calling her names and insulting her or constantly running down her achievement of getting to #1 here on Caro's forum.

I think it' is just a couple of them and a few others then may just join in. But I don't like it there. They turned on JJ as well in a nasty way when Caro beat her the last two times because of course it can never be that Caro did anything right. Her matches are never in her own hands.
The problem often is I guess that we judge an entire fanbase on the actions/posts of a minority who don't really represent that players' fanbase but just make the most noise. In the past I've visited Sharapova's and Serena's fan forums a few times expecting people there to be less than welcoming because I support Wozniacki. There ARE those kind of fruitcakes of course, but many are perfectly nice people who don't 'hate' Caroline and some don't even visit GM because they consider it as vile as we do.
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