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Re: Jelena Jankovic Cheering Thread - AO - Volume 12

Originally Posted by pj5 View Post
you are being kind. Jelena always had an excuse for every loss she's ever had. If she is fair dinkum she should shut up about her cold even if she had truly had one. No one gives a shit about her excuses any more. Where she really lost it were those ever present self doubts. That lack of killer mentality.
Didn't you see that ugly face of Wosniacki when she won the point to give her the last advantage point. That will remind you of what bloody faced aggression looks like. Jelena hasn't got that and never will. No she won't get better. Her problem is mental. Did you also not notice that in every match so far she always started slow. It's in the mind. There's no cure.
Well, I saw how it was difficult for her to breathe. Did you ever play the match having a cold?

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