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Okay,Brit input welcome here: My mom has become very Americanized after decades of living in the States(but she's still a sweet person despite that fact),and she really enjoys watching the old British comedy,'Jeeves'.Must admit,having watched some episodes with mom during Christmas,that the younger Hugh Laurie played his role with superb nuances(IMO),and Jeeves himself parlayed his snooty subtlety quite well for comedic effect.

There was one particular episode where some maternal gal wanted Laurie's character to sabotage a relationship between some favored relative(can't recall the relationship) and a songstress,and Jeeves wound up pulling it off by convincing the gal that her suitor had urged her to sing a tune called 'Sonny Boy' that the locals at the amateur hour event had gotten very much tired of...once she had been pelted with a steady stream of fruits and veggies,she stormed off the stage and smacked the lovestruck doofus goodbye

Anyway,there was an older fellow named Mr.Simpson--likely just an extra for that episode--who had earlier taken his turn on stage and,though he wasn't terribly talented,he managed to avoid being pelted.There was a chorus to his song that went: 'England!England!England!England!',and he exhorted with his arms in a way that left me laughing my ass off...was just there REALLY such a dorky song as that in the U.K. or was it concocted just for that TV show?

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