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Mister Tf 2012 : Nominations Please !

MISTER TF 2012 : Nominations, please!

Welcome to the inaugural Mister TF competition!

The concept is self-explanatory, so here are some details and guidelines


1. Nominations

2. Preparation time for candidates

3. Voting

4. Award ceremony


- Posters must have at least 500 posts to be eligible to nominate

- Each poster can nominate up to 10 candidates

- All candidates that receive 3 or more nominations are eligible for the contest; they will then be asked to accept/decline their nomination

- Seeding will be done based on the number of nominations received. In case of a tie, the managers will decide

- Closing date for nominations: 29th January midnight (GMT)

- (optional) Try to choose a girl since every guy is a potential candidate/competitor.


- A separate thread will be started for voting

- Posters must have at least 500 posts to be eligible to vote

- Each round of voting will take place within a 24-hour window, with a few hours between each round. At the end of the each round, the contestant who receives the greater number of votes wins. In the event of a tie, the contestant that reached that number first wins.

- Voters are not allowed to edit their posts anymore after 5 minutes.


- Accept the nomination (we will PM you)

- (Optional) Select a publicist who will help to campaign and rally for votes + announce the publicist in this thread

- Submit a write-up with photos (at least two). Be creative!


- What defines Mr. TF? There's no fixed criteria. TF posters should decide for themselves if they are looking for someone with brains, brawn, personality, humour, talent, etc.

- Format : Round-Robin, with a Qualifying round. Details to be fixed based on the number of contestants.

- Refer to the MTF version of the contest for a general idea

- Although this is TF, please try your best to be respectful at all times. The purpose of this contest is for everyone to have fun so let's focus on that!



* Credit (logo and banners) : Sasja

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Did you see that final? Mirnyi was absolutely useless, paralyzed by nerves and he kept feeding Bryan easy volleys with his BH return. Robson played a very good first set but became equally useless after that. So basically it was Murray vs Azarenka, and Vika won believe it or not.

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