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Re: Europe/Africa Zone I 2012

Hi all,

I'd like to go to the Fedcup in Eilat with a friend of mine, who sits in a wheelchair. Somebody who was at the Fed Cup last year thought that "Eilat" was mainly inaccessible for wheelchairs, but of course that might just be a personal perception and, if not, maybe things have changed in the mean time. Can anybody answer the following questions?

Q1: Is the park itself accessible for wheelchairs or do we need to climb stairs or lift the wheelchair over some ramps in order to access the park itself?

Q2: if we want to change to different courts to see different matches, how easy is that for a wheelchair. Is that (partly or totally) via stairs and over ramps, or can I just push him across to the next court?

Q3: Can my friend stand next to the court or are the tribunes built in such a way that it is impossible or almost impossible to sit next to the court and/or oversee the court?
And at what distance would he have to stand in case there is room; does he need to watch from 10m or further, or can he stand right next to the court?

Q4: Are the facilities like a restaurant (if that's available on the park) and toilets directly accessible for wheelchairs?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.
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