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Re: Russia travel advice

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
They met a lot of people on student exchange programs and now they stay at their places while they are in Russia (just like those Russians stay at my friends' flats and houses when they come to Serbia). For example, my friend has some guests from Russia or Poland at least 5 times a year.
Well I can do that in France but not in Russia. I need places that are going to be close to touristy places in the middle of the city. But thanks. I think I have my hotels sorted anyway thanks to shap half.

Originally Posted by ILoveCats View Post
at the summer can be pretty hot in Moscow at least, ~35 Celsius. All local people tries go out of city.
Oh really? That's good. Where do they go? 35 degrees is not but not that hot for me. I'm from Australia.

I just hope nothing interesting happens while I'm in Russia.

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