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Re: Sydney 2012.

Originally Posted by SilverPersian View Post
I wonder if I should stalk her in Melbourne and slip a Xanex into her drink before her matches
If we can believe her recent article and her remarkably relaxed interview on arriving in Melbourne she may have beaten you to it.

Originally Posted by SilverPersian View Post
Yesterday I was watching the match between Dokic and Bartoli, and one of the commentators mentioned that they'd seen Marion having an intense gym session just hours before a tournament final last year. I wonder if this kind of tactic would work for Sam, as a way of exhausting the nerves away. Probably wouldn't be a good thing to test out first round of a grand slam though.

Originally Posted by tennisforadults View Post
Have you seen Marion jumping around like a mad monkey between every point? She's not normal.

Her tactics seem to involve exhausting herself physically in order to feel pumped and focused. Very bizarre and counter-intuitive. But her father is a doctor and she is playing extremely well.
Marion is just plain weird, I think everybody's agreed on that, so as a rule of thumb I'd say doing the opposite to what Marion is doing seems like a good idea. Seriously, Marion may be able to afford to burn more energy than Sam can. I'm no expert, but I'd guess that Sam would burn more calories on a single service motion than Marion does with all her crazy hopping about between points. Ditto her heavy topspin forehand. That said, Sam is very fit, and by her own admission is a diesel engine that sometimes takes well over a set to really get going, so an intensive pre-match gym session might help her warm up more quickly during a match. But I agree it would be risky at best to try this out in R1 of a slam.
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