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Re: Chris Evert Thread

yeah, chrissie's forehand definitely changed from i think around 77 onward and kept changing and kept getting better until she retired...

from her first appearance as a 15 year old until about 1976 or so.. her forehand was very how should i say "studied" and almost like she was actually guiding the ball as opposed to hitting it, from the way she took the racket back and had it low to the ground to the way she made contact with the ball and her overemphazied follow thru.. while it wasn't "stiff and mechanical" like austin's it was very clinical looking... she looked and swung like she was trying to place the ball on a dime instead of just swinging freely and giving it a good whack like she did on her backhand...

thank goodness her forehand changed! whether it was the wtt surface, the rise of martina as a challenger the fact that she grew older and stronger and wiser, the fact that she needed more variety with the forehand, i think all combined to change her forehand swing, completely... by the time she was in her full womanhood and graphite wielding days in the mid 80's until her career end in 1989.. everything about her forehand was different, she even took the racket back differently starting out high and could hit it flat, or with topspin and the occassionally sidespin which she employed alot more of when she was younger and with the wood racket... adding her experience and better conditioning and strength with the graphite racket, chrissie could really hit the ball nail her forehand pretty darn hard, not graf like winners all over the place forehand weapon hard, but pretty darn close.....
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