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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro:Off-topic 4 the POPULAR #1

Oh yeah, not sure if you guys gave your opinion about the comment Serena made about her no love for tennis. That is the biggest croc I've read. She really knows how to lay it on thick. Let me tell you, with nothing but honesty, that it is impossible to become as good as Serena and not love the sport. Impossible. To vouch, you see kids thrown into a sport they may have liked but with pressure they grow to distaste it. Normal. You play a sport, without pressure, on your own but grow to feel like you don't like it. Ok, normal. You win grand slams, tournaments big and small. Change the game from one century to another. Beat the number ones to become one yourself. Hold up women's tennis for years, centuries. And you HATE the sport. Bullocks. Total bullocks. I'm sure you've noticed my distaste for her, but can't help it She rubs me the wrong way. Her sister is's the young brat that I don't like.

Another reason why she should love it, the money man!!! THE MONEY!! She could retire now, buy an island, and live there for the rest of her life....guess that's just my dream.

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