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Re: Sacha Jones now an Aussie

Interesting quotes from Erakovic regarding this.

"To tell you the truth I was in shock and I still am in shock: it was out of the blue for me."

"I read some things in the paper but I still don't see why she's done it."

"We really do not have a Fed Cup team now. It's hard, it's hardest on all of the people that have been supporting her over the years."

"I really don't know what to say: if she thinks this is the best option for her and this will make her achieve her goals, then that's great and all the best to her, but New Zealand and Australia are in the same part of the world and I don't really see the difference there. I am really disappointed by this."

"It's always hard and especially tennis players from New Zealand because tennis isn't a priority for Sparc."

"But you know what? If you're good and talented you can find a way."

"I've done quite a lot of work and I've sort of made it and I don't want people to say one of our top players is leaving so that means you can't make it here, because that's not true."

"You can make it and this is just a real shame, really."

If Jones was good enough, she should have been able to make it.

I wish her luck, but I don't want her back. If she fails to make it now with all of the funding and coaching TA will throw at her, she simply isn't good enough.
Kind of rich considering she actually was offered coaching by Chris Lewis a couple of years ago, but turned it down so she could be coached by her brother GD Jones.


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