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Originally Posted by jrollaneres25 View Post
Watching your video, I can definitely see a couple of little things that you could tweak to further enhance your game.

From what I can see, the technique on most of your shots, more so your backhand and serve appear technically sound. What I think you could benefit a lot from is really using your body weight to take your game to the next level and really get heft and pace behind the ball.

From what I can see on these highlights, a lot of the action on the serve and forehand is produced by the arm rather than body weight transfer. You lean into the court well when you serve, however, I really think, given that you look reasonably fit that you could really be getting much more power from your legs, and really jumping into that service to get some serious power behind it. The video shows that when you transfer your weight on the serve, you lean into it a little bit, and you end up a couple of inches inside the baseline after you have finished your service motion. To really get your body weight into it and start putting more pace rather than spin, you want to be landing a lot further inside the court after you finish your motion.

Same issue from what I can see happens with weight transition on the forehand side. Your forehand from what I can see is a much loopier shot than your backhand, and far more high percentage, and you may have an occasional tendency to back off from the ball a bit and use your arm. What you really want to be doing to progress your game is to ensure you stay balanced and really lean through the shot. Apart from your balance, your stroke production on that wing looks really good, and you consistently finish the shot over your should from what I can see.

On the plus side, your backhand looks really solid and seems to be your favourite shot? and the shortened take back seems to really take time away from your opponents and keeps them guessing where the next shot is going to go. It seems like you're also pretty fit which I imagine serves you well! Sorry if this post may seem a little technical / critical, but from what I can see, you have a really solid looking game at the moment, and with your fitness and a couple of tweaks, you could be a really great player!

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