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Re: Who here has Social Anxiety/Phobia or exhibit the symptms of it?

Originally Posted by Kart View Post
Without diagnostic criteria, how could you be sure it's under reported ?

I agree with your last sentence. Though I will freely admit that I reserve my sympathy on this matter for people that can't function in day to day life because they're so anxious.

As I indicated above, I doubt many people that claim to be socially phobic fit into that group.

The fact is that everybody gets stressed and nervous at times. It's part of normal life and I'm against labelling normal behaviour as pathological.
Of course. Anxiety disorder is a serious problem. Anyone who had any form of panic attack knows that it's one of the worst thing that you can experience. It's much worse than being nervous or simply scared. When it comes to diagnosis, I think it's actually easy to recognize phobias, because the common fears are not even close to real phobias.

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