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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by djul14 View Post
Have you read about this one :

To sum up, she accuses Steffi of having deliberately lost a match, the double olympics SF, for them (so her = Kohde-Kilsch) not to win a gold medal, because Steffi's dad didn't wanted her (Kohde-Kilsch) to have gold...
First, I think it's ridiculous.
But god, the womand doesn't even look at her own performance. Says something like that 23years after. And says it on an interview, not face to face.
Poor woman.
I remember reading a long itw from her, published in 1985, or 86, you just can feel how she already felt pissed by the celebrity of boris becker, who became a star and not her and her new national rival...
Originally Posted by irma View Post
Why did Steffi (Peter) decide to lose in the semis and not in the final?
Also she (Kohde-Kilsch) is taking away from the opponents they lost too.(Novotna and Sukova)
Both already had to suffer from Steffi in singles a lot, so to claim that even in doubles it was all about Steffi's (Peter's) mood
is pretty low.

I think she lost her mind a little bit.
Originally Posted by Stef-fan View Post
Do you think anyone would have cared about her bankruptcy statement if Steffi's name wasn't there ???
Pathetic and easy way of getting attention.
I don't comment on this,because i agree with irma and Stef-fan.

But i remember that Steffi is the only tennis player to win at-least one gold(1988 singles),one silver(1992 singles) and one bronze(1988 doubles) in Olympics.

Off-course you know it.

Originally Posted by djul14 View Post
I agree with you, that it's a lack of respect to the players who beat them too.

In other news, Steffi has apprently withdrew from newt year exhibition in Halle( had ticket for this event
Originally Posted by Seleção82 View Post
Oh.....too bad I did not know that Steffi had withdrawn. What is the reason for it, someone knows?
Originally Posted by djul14 View Post

Seleçao don't worry, send me the ticket I 'll pay you (don't worry again lol)
I will find a way to sell it, or get a refund, or live with it
As not a fanatic,but i think Steffi never say(promise) anywhere that she will play definitely in Halle,next year.

and djul14,you have a great sense of humor (I know your reply is real,because you found a way to sell it).But i really lol when i read this and about your reply for a fan's article about her meeting with Steffi in Las Vegas airport.

Good day,

Steffi Graf - My Best: "Steffi is the goddess of Tennis" : John McEnroe
"She let her racket do the talking. I've always looked up to her and the way she approached the game" : Pete Sampras
"In my opinion she 's the best lady that has ever played" : Andre Agassi
"She's one of the greatest players, maybe even greatest" : Richard Krajicek
"Steffi is the best all around player of all-time, regardless of surfaces" : Martina Navratilova
"Steffi is definitely the greatest singles player ever" : Billie Jean King
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