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Re: Andrea Paredes will get a WTA ranking!!!

Originally Posted by sonfo View Post
Full translation (sorry for any mistake, it's quite late here in Spain)

Transgender announces the end of the world

Not very often one has the chance to put a recorder in front of such a particular, strange and crazy character as Andrea Paredes. And even if her name doesn't ring a bell to anyone, she's the outgoing transgender tennis player, the same one that, long ago, started wearing make up and skirts hoping to get her looks as close as possible to those of a woman through that religious act.

She just laughs at the mocking she may suffer because she's convinced that the salvation of the world is just within her and she doesn't hesitate to proclaim herself as a messenger from God whose mission is to avoid the end of the world and to warn people before the Antichrist's arrival.

“I'm one of the main Chilean thinkers of the new economy. Besides, I'm very mystical and esoteric; I've studied about the profecies and the Antichrist”, she warns. Her theory: the end of the world through a chip -motorola-, the size of a grain of rice, made of lithium and which will be incrusted beneath the skin. “The worst part is that if anyone tries to take it out he could die, and even if you managed to do it, the police of the world will arrest you. We'll all be forced to wear the chip”.
According to Paredes, this is the evolution of the plastic money to the electronic money, which will be ruled by a worldwide government, -the Antichrist-, and everyone is going to be identified: “Here in Chile they're already putting it in animals. With that chip no one will be able to avoid paying taxes, because it's a GPS system”.

-What kind of danger does that chip represent?
-This is the mark of the beast, because The Bible says “neither the poor nor the rich, nor slaves nor the free, no master and no serf, no one will be able to shop if they haven't got the 666, which is the internet protocol and the chip. A furious dictatorship is going to be imposed through it.

-Whose dictatorship?
-The Antichrist's, who will become the president of the European Union and will establish a worldwide goverment that would allow him to control everything, not just the economy but our souls too.

-Is he going to have a trascendental life?
-He would start his government in 2005 and, three years after that, he will suffer a deadly terrorist attack, but the Apocalipse says “he was fatally wounded and survived”. He will be the incarnate devil and will rule for three years, the last years of this world. When Pope John Paul II dies, Francis Arinze, a black cardinal from Nigeria, will take his place and he will be a satanic Pope, a fake prophet that will fully support the Antichrist.

-Could you tell when and where the end of the world is taking place?
-In 2012 Jesus Christ will come and find a world that allows everything... the world will be a field of black magic, everybody will have sex with everybody. We'll live in an apparently happy and perfect world and that's how the devil will get our souls and when God confronts him, the devil will answer that we belong to him because we have his mark, -the chip-.
Jesus ****ing Christ

The belief that man is an irresolute creature pulled this way and that by two forces of equal strength, alternately winning and losing the battle for his soul; the conviction that human life is nothing more than an uncertain struggle between heaven and hell; the faith in two opposed entities, Satan and Christ - all this was bound to engender those internal discords in which the mind, excited by the incessant fighting, stimulated as it were by the constant promises and threats, ends up by giving in and prostitutes itself to whichever of the two combatants has been more obstinate in its pursuit. Life isn't black and white, it's gold.
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