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Re: Russia travel advice

Originally Posted by NAT View Post
It's been a while since I've made that trip, but you can buy tickets at the train station. There are several train Stations in Moscow, I can't remember the one that departs for St. Petersburg. I would suggest to buy a day in advance. There used to be specific counters for foreigners to buy tickets and it was not easy, but again, it has been several years.
Thanks. I'm planning to buy as early as possible. There's no way I'll leave things for the day before.

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
Many of my friends traveled to Russia, but from Serbia, so I can't help you a lot. The only thing I know is that they were traveling from Moscow to Petersburg by a train and it was a night trip that lasts about 8 hours (it's the best option because you get there in the morning). I don't know how long it takes to get to Moscow from Paris by a train (it takes 48 hours from Serbia ), but I'm sure it's a better option to travel by a plane. It's simply better to get there fresh and ready for sightseeing than to come tired and waste the time sleeping. As we all know, Russia is beautiful and huge, everybody says that even one month is not enough to see half of the things you want to see. None of my friends stayed in a hotel, so unfortunately, I can't help you there neither, but I can get all the kinds of other infos if you need it. One of my friends goes to Russia at least twice a year, so I can ask him about some details, if you're interested.
Thanks. I'm going next summer so I still have plenty of time. So where do they stay?

Originally Posted by Cineast View Post
Fly from Paris.

For the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg, you can take an overnight train. It used to be Leningradsky Vokzal in Moscow, but I think the name's been changed to Oktyabrsky. The express trains take about four hours, but from what I saw look much more expensive (I think it was 80 vs. 40 or less). Unfortunately the ticketing info only seems to be in Russian; the English version of the site doesn't seem to sell tickets.

Edit: Apparently RZhD now has a train from Paris to Moscow, which you probably saw, but the tickets are 330 for a 37-hour trip, which is twice what I saw for a one-transfer plane trip.
I should fly but I don't like it. I'm just weighing up options at the moment. Thanks for the advice.

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