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Re: Sammy's 2011 Party and Off-Season Thread

Originally Posted by stromatolite View Post
As for the scheduling, I think this is something Sam needs to learn to deal with better, it's all part of the game. It obviously doesn't always cause her problems, for example she bounced back from a grueling SF in NY to play one of the matches of her life less than a day later. But against Vika in Istanbul and Marion in Osaka it was like she had forgotten how to play, it was painful to watch. TBH I don't know what the real problem is, and why it sometimes gives her so much trouble and sometimes none at all. The obvious theory is that against players whose playing style gives her trouble on the surface they are playing on Sam needs a level of focus that she just can't muster after playing a tough match less than a day earlier. Even though Sam probably expected Serena to play better than she did, I think these days she feels basically comfortable with Serena's playing style so she could play instinctively. Against Vika, or Marion on fast, low-bouncing surfaces, she can't do that and needs to concentrate all the time, and she needs to be fresh to do that. But I also think there could be a physical aspect to the problem as well. Against Vika, it really looked as though her muscles weren't working properly. Her movement looked jerky, her shots looked stiff and mechanical, it looked for all the world like she was physically not capable of playing better than she was. Against Dulko at RG it was exactly the same. I don't want to compare myself with Sam (or even with a halfway decent club player), but I have days like that, when my game is just not there. The bottom line is that Sam needs to figure out what the problem is and find out a way of either eliminating it or at least minimizing its effects. In the first half of this year all it took was one bad day at the office to knock her out of most tournaments in the early rounds.
Yes you're right, she certainly needs to learn to deal. It's the short turnaround when she has to play opponents she has difficulty with - i.e. Vika, Bartoli. It's as if she needs a supreme effort to focus for those matches, and if she can't get the focus the physical issues follow. Perhaps there even was a physical issue as you say, and that compounded the inability to focus. Negative feedback loop!!

Originally Posted by Dazza01 View Post
But on Jackie - I still would call her nice underneath. (But maybe kind is a better word...)

I think she is an intrinsically nice person, who just has a lot of things going on that compound her addictions and dysfunctional tendencies. She has morals - she treats patients who deserve her care with the utmost respect, and really guides them.

But yes, she does have her fair share of problems; her dysfunctions, no matter how compounded by her life, is not excusable. Also, it would not make as good a T.V show in many ways if she didn't have these problems, as you say.

I don't think she is a cast iron bitch, but she isn't as "really nice" as I first said.
Well she certainly has a sense of moral superiority - she believes she is ALWAYS right when it comes to nursing. However, her morality appears to be that the ends justify the means - i.e. she gets to do whatever the hell she wants as long as she perceives the outcome as being just. So I'd have to say she's complicated, rather that nice, kind or a cast iron bitch!

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