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Re: Once Upon A Time

Originally Posted by Tennislover23 View Post
Snow White is NOT stunning. She's just cute. She's the only DDisney Princess that has been "just" cute. Emile can be very beautiful is made up correctly.

I think Ginnifer looks better with the longer hais, though. And remember, they're not supposed to look like breathtaking beauties; they're on punishment
Yeah, she is not supposed to be drop dead gorgeous but could have done better! Fairy tales are

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
It would be a stupid show if they picked people simply based on looks and not acting ability. The ones they have are all attractive women - no need to make it ridiculous, this isn't a soap opera.
I perfectly understand that but all the names I have mentioned are decent actresses, not that the actual ones are some great, outstanding artists, themselves And it is not a soap opera but a children's series - not much of a difference

Originally Posted by LeRoy. View Post
I hope you are enjoying this exteremly camp show with your "gf".
Stop harassing, Ryan! He will not "come out"; You just love to say to everyone that they are gay and then if they eventually say that they are to gloat and "I say so" them !
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