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Re: Sammy's 2011 Party and Off-Season Thread

Originally Posted by Dazza01 View Post

3) What fictional character does Sam remind you of?

I actually cannot think of one character that Sam reminds me of completely; rather, she has aspects of different characters. (I just think Sam is really unique, so that's why I'm having a hard time.)

If I had to say who reminds me of Sam the most, it would have to be Jackie from "Nurse Jackie". I don't know why though, maybe the no nonsense attitude, and the tough fašade, (with Sam, that fašade is literal; the muscles! ) but underneath, they are really nice.
Hmmmm. Nurse Jackie is probably one of my favourite shows - love her. But do you really think she's nice underneath?! She has fucked over everyone - her husband, her lover, her best friend. She's put her kids at risk having drugs stashed around the house, she's put patients at risk by treating them while doped up. Makes for great TV, but I don't think she's nice underneath - I think she's a cast iron bitch!

Strange about the censoring you mentioned - I probably swear worse than anyone on here and I don't think I've ever been censored...

It's later than you think...
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