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AAMI Classic | Exhibition | New Sample Format

Hey LORT players!

Thanks again for hanging in there during the season I had some thoughts on ways to improve this game, it was apparent during the course of the season that some players lost interest in the game. I also noticed that it was difficult for everyone to send new points on a regular basis due to the fact that it takes a large amount of time to split 36 different numbers amongst three sets, as such, we witnessed a lot of repeat scorelines and it became both laborious to score and of course to send.

As a result, I have adapted the rules of this game slightly, and I'd like to test out these rules in a super special exhibition tournament. I'd like to remind everyone that these new rules are only being tested out in this tournament. I am hoping that the new format of the points will be far less complicated to have to send. So in keeping with the old, let's introduce some of the new:

1. You will have 12 points to split in each set. 1 to 12.
2. Each value will have to have a direction associated with it, either Left or Right.
3. [Same as old rules for scoring]
4. At the start of each round, all players will be sent a PM with 3 graphics. Those 3 graphics will consist of 3 tennis players that have been 'shaded' out.
5. Your job is to correctly guess the three players.
6. Instead of the higher ranked player serving first, the player that correctly guesses the first graphic will serve first. (This is a BIG advantage).
7. The second graphic will be used to determine the first 'identical' score.
8. The third graphic will be used to determine the first tiebreak.

Why have these guessing questions?
- It removes the requirement of using a coin toss every single time identical scores, or tiebreaks come up. (And they are heaps fun!)

How does doubles work?
- Same format, except each team will send answers together.

What happens if we each guess the graphics correctly?
- If both players guess the graphic correctly, the next one will be used in its place. It is highly unlikely that both players will guess all three players correctly (no offence). In the event that it does happen, the old system will be used...of the higher ranked player serving first and coin toss identical point determination.

Advantages of these new rules?
- You only need to split 12 points in each set. Should be a lot easier to send points (less time consuming).
- Guessing the player removes the requirement of constantly tossing coins, and if you're unlucky like me, I'm sure you'll appreciate this alternative.
- Determining who serves first used to fall on the higher ranked player. Serving first is a massive advantage. I actually checked and on more than one occasion this year an entire match could go two different ways based on who starts serving! This new rule makes it more fair for both players.

And of course, finally, it will be less time consuming to score as well.

This exhibition will consist of two groups and will be round-robin format. The size of the groups will depend upon the number of commitments. I encourage you all to play just so we can get a feel of the new system. The tournament will start on:
Tuesday 15th November (Next Tuesday).

Thanks Everyone


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