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Talking The Sisters - Williams

I love it.


Williams Sisters to Tour Abuja in September

This Day (Lagos)

March 8, 2002
Posted to the web March 8, 2002

Ernest Ekpenyong

Gom Slam organisation has concluded arrangements to have the American tennis sensations, the Williams Sisters tour the country in September as part of efforts to revive Nigerian tennis which has been in comatose for years now.

Co-ordinator of the Washington DC- based organisation in Nigeria, Emma Okocha, who disclosed this to THISDAYSports in an exclusive chat, said the body has secured the permission of the Williams to have at least one of them play exhibition matches in Abuja, Lagos and Enugu during the tour.

Okocha pointed out that Gom Slam believes that the presence of the Williams Sisters in the country will inspire a lot of kids who will watch the exhibition matches.

He said that as part of events leading to the historic visit, the body plans to honour the Lagos State Governor, Senator Ahmed Tinubu and his Enugu State counterpart, Chief Chimaroke Nnamani in recognition of their support and promotion of tennis in the country.

Okocha pointed out that following on the success of the Asaba Winners Takes All Tournament and award ceremony, the organisation would next week present outstanding Tennis Pathfinders Award to former Nigeria champion, Patrick Obi at the Enugu Sports Club.

Copyright © 2002 This Day. All rights reserved. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media ( Click here to contact the copyright holder directly for corrections -- or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material.

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And SERENA and VENUS continue to make history.

Tee Rexx
Chairman, Williams Tennis Association
Tennis is a game ... Have fun with it!
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Thumbs up

Great news! I am so proud to be a Williams' fan!

"Everybody wants to beat a Williams sister...wouldn't you?" - Serena Williams
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Venus and Serena!
World ambassadors, they are!

Nice article, thanks again.
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Cool Welcome Home - Venus & Serena


Venus and Serena: happy to be home ... and giving back

By Sandra Harwitt

Susan Mullane
Camerawork USA, Inc.
Even the construction traffic on I-95 that has been infuriating Palm Beach County residents for months and caused the Williams sisters to be close to an hour late to announce the 2nd Annual JPMorgan Chase Tennis Challenge benefiting the OWL Foundation on April 6 at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, didn't dampen their enthusiasm for being home this week.

Normally, Venus and Serena would be spending this week in the Coachella Valley playing the Pacific Life Open as they have in the past. But an unfortunate incident at last year's tournament, which was won by Serena, has led the siblings to stay home to relax, practice, shop and go to the beach.

Here's the quick review for anyone who doesn't know what occurred at Indian Wells in 2001 – an injured Venus pulled out of playing the semifinal against Serena right before the match, fans were so upset that they booed Serena, as well as Venus and her father, Richard, when Serena came out to play the final. While an argument can be made that the sisters would have made a better statement by showing up in Indian Wells this year, keeping their heads high and showcasing their talent, Serena did provide an excellent reasoning for not heading west.

"When we play tennis we like to have fun," Serena said. "We go places we enjoy playing – we're entertainers and we entertain the crowd. If we can't entertain then our job is over and I don't think we were doing a great job entertaining them last year. We go places we feel we're happy."

As for Venus, she's just appreciating the time-off. Realizing that the only way she would ever secure the world No. 1 ranking, which she clearly was deserving of, would be to set off on a grueling play schedule, Venus left the country after Christmas and didn't return until late February. Her five-tournament stint not only produced three titles, but on Feb. 25 she earned that top of the charts distinction for the first time in her career.

"It feels great to be home, we're never home," said Venus, who won both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open titles in 2000 an 2001. "We like the extra time off believe it or not."

There was no doubt that Venus found her sojourn to Australia, where she won the Adelaide trophy and reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in January, followed by winning back-to-back trophies at Paris and Antwerp before ending her trip in the semifinals of Dubai, as arduous as expected. Worrying that it would be too tough to play so frequently is one reason the sisters have previously ducked playing such heavy schedules.

"Mentally, I was ready to be away so long," Venus said. "But, after a while, physically I was kind of broken. I was starting to be injured because I was playing too much. After a while you start pulling muscles, they're nothing serious but they keep you from playing well. I think next year I'll only play two tournaments in a row instead of three."

Venus, saying she's "happy doing what I'm doing," suggested that she might keep to a more rigorous schedule for a while.

"I like being No. 1 and I'd like to stay there, but I don't know if I can play 22 events to stay there, maybe 17 or 18," Venus said. "Now I'm looking at things differently; I'm only going to be playing a few years in my whole life so I should probably play a bit more. Tennis never got boring, but for me, but with my personality, I have to keep things exciting and do other things like school."

Both sisters are especially happy to be involved with the JPMorgan Chase Tennis Challenge, an event founded by their mother, Oracene. The charity event benefits The Owl Foundation that was also started by Oracene to provide assistance to youth with special educational needs. In this year's event, Venus will play a singles match against fellow pro, Alexandra Stevenson, and Serena will take part in doubles action with tennis stars yet to be named.

"I want to thank my mom for giving us good values so that we can appreciate doing events like this and teaching us to give back to the community," Venus said. "In my opinion when you give back, you feel good about yourself because you're making progress, not for yourself but for others."

Shopping is clearly a special downtime activity for both Venus and Serena and it seems like they keep the other one in mind when out for a bargain. Venus took advantage of the "negotiating" style of purchasing that is traditional in Dubai and didn't forget to bring a present home for Serena.

"I got into deep trouble – I brought home many, many things I should have left behind," said Venus, of the Dubai shopping spree. "I did buy some antiques that are being shipped back – antique table and old doors that are Indian."

After chatting about the upcoming JPMorgan Chase Tennis Challenge on Tuesday afternoon in Delray, the two were delighted to find a beach boutique right next to the trendy Peter's On The Beach restaurant we're they held their press conference. Since shopping should be a private outing, here's just a glimpse of the trip next door – both Venus and Serena went for bikinis!

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Thumbs up Dedication From The Sisters - To Their Haters/Bashers/Detractors


Tidbits about the TRUTH:

If one is a principled individual - then there can be no deviation from the TRUTH in its purest form.

Lies - shows ones disregard for ones own integrity.

In TRUTH - there can be no wrong.

A practiced deceit, however, flaws our character forever.

Mark Twain's quote from - Advice to Youth:

"An awkward, feeble leaky lie is a thing which you ought to make it your unceasing study to avoid; such a lie as that has no more real permanence than an average TRUTH. Why, you might as well tell the TRUTH at once and be done with it. A feeble, stupid, preposterous lie will not live two years - except in slander upon somebody. It is indestructible, then, of course, but that is no merit of yours."

What is life: Life is a shadow of a passing dream; the story is short and finite; the immortal TRUTH is Love.

True power comes from self-control.
True strength comes from a clear conscience.
True wealth comes from a good family and good friends.
True riches come from ones memories.
True love comes from and to those who believe in TRUTH.


1 cupful of love
2 cups tenderness
1 1/2 cups of complete inner peacefulness
1 cup of sifted patience mixed with
1/2 cup of mature understanding.


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Angry Power Players Have Won The Last 11 Grand Slam Titles

And Many More Tier Ones

Evidently power players and so-called hard hitters do have a brain and they do think out there on the court – or they would not be the holders of the last 11 grand slam titles. Duh!

I mean – it irks the hell out of me to hear some people try to insinuate that the power hitters just hit hard and that is it! How utterly ridiculous and ignorant, IMO, is it to have such a stance? Evidently – they must use their brains from the get go – or else they would never hit a return or a serve. Matter-of-fact they would just lie down once they got on court because thinking would be out of the question.

IMO – I think some people use this argument as a backhanded slap in the fact against Venus & Serena. Their prejudice side is showing up. It’s okay for Daniela to make 30 some odd errors – because at least she is a thinker. Please give me a break here. The reason any hard hitter makes errors is because they are trying to dictate play, thereby dominating the game.

Of course, it is definitely to each its own – and some just don’t like power players or hard hitters – or whatever one wants to call them. That being said – I would appreciate it if the ones that felt that way would not try to discount these said players by exclaiming that they don’t think on the court. Again – how petty and shallow.

I would bet anyone big bucks that Miss Venus Ebone Starr Williams is an excellent thinker on the court. Venus is an all court player and she has developed quite a touch for finesse. I guess Serena would not be able to hit them there angle winners if she left her brain at home now would she? She was very good in Geometry.

And – Venus & Serena - carried a 3.8 to 4.0-grade average all thru high school and it appears – Venus especially, is doing extraordinarily well in fashion school. Who else out there has the classiest commercials on the air – besides Venus? I mean – Avon, Wilson Leathers, (which by the way – Venus designed her own originals – thank you very much) Reebok, etc… And maybe in this is the crux of the matter. Could some people be jealous? So my girls gots brains and brawn – and some folks just cannot handle the truth, or touch Miss Venus & Serena Williams.

Again – round here anyone will be hard pressed to convince me that Venus & Serena and the other power players can’t think on the court. What a waste of the one’s mind that makes such a awful comparison.

And - because I have nothing against any poster here - I won't make comparisons to Venus & Serena's education level - compared to some others that could be named. IMO - that would be quite uneccessary.

Williams' fans - I felt the need to preserve this post - just in case I need to refer to it again. I did not want it to be lost forever.


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Team WTAworld
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Nice post

Take your time to visit>>>>|Venus &|
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"Williams' fans - I felt the need to preserve this post - just in case I need to refer to it again. I did not want it to be lost forever."

you do that!

on this board, some people claim to hate the power game, but when daniela won, those same posters immediately jumped onto her bandwagon. it's perfectly alright if some other power player blasts winner after winner and make tons of errors, but when the name venus or serena is linked to that kind of sentence, it's called ugly tennis or branded with the "i hate power tennis" ah, where is the hypocrisy

i'm not bagging on daniela. i love her game after watching her play the Queen in Wimbledon last year i love watching winners fly by and i also think the term "power tennis" is being used waaaay too loosely by some folks.

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Go Venus and Serena
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Smile Honor Thy Parents - Venus & Serena


By teaching children, they teach everyone

By Karen Crouse, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 17, 2002

Andre Agassi could count his millions until the cows come home yet there he is, pitching milk. It's enough to curdle a person's middle-class sensibilities, seeing a man who has won 50 tournaments and the heart of Steffi Graf selling his soul for a few more bucks.

Why, you'd like to wipe that white mustache off his face, you think. You're only human, after all.

It turns out, so is Agassi. Admirably, awesomely so.

In return for Agassi's participation in the "Got Milk?" advertising campaign, 150 schoolchildren in Las Vegas are swigging free 8-ounce cartons of the stuff with their lunches every weekday.

The children are third-, fourth- and fifth-graders who attend the charter school that Agassi founded in his hometown. His charitable foundation covered half the cost of the $4.1 million Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, which opened its doors this past August. The rest of the funding came from private donations, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the State of Nevada.

The school's student body was skimmed from schools where poverty and poor test scores predominate.

Agassi, who will defend his singles crown this week at the Nasdaq-100 Open at Key Biscayne's Crandon Park, didn't just wallpaper the project with his dollars. He took an interest in everything from the blue school uniform to the class curriculum to the daily affirmation recited after the Pledge of Allegiance which begins, "The essence of good discipline is respect.'' The fact that all the kids "got milk" is proof that Agassi has more invested in the school than money.

"He's thinking about the kids all the time,'' marveled the school's principal, Wayne Tanaka.

Agassi's return of service -- considered the best in the game -- has made him rich. The caring and support that he has returned to the community has enriched his life immeasurably.

"When you change a child's life,'' Agassi has said, "you change the world.''

Agassi, 31, is the antidote to all the professional athletes who are enthusiastic champions of the three R's so long as they're rap labels, Rolls-Royces and rolling estates.

Oracene Williams is someone else in the professional tennis family who appreciates the importance of reading, writing and arithmetic. Williams, the mother of the Nasdaq-100 women's defending champion Venus Williams and 1999 finalist Serena, majored in education at Eastern Michigan.

Williams prefers to remain in the background of her daughters' tennis careers. In their forays into charity she is a much more visible presence, rushing to the fore with the aplomb of a seasoned serve and volleyer.

The sisters were drilled by their father Richard to be high achievers on the tennis court. Their mother stressed excellence in the classroom. She was adamant that their grades be as strong as their groundstrokes. Williams would hold her girls out of practice if they fell behind in their studies.

Williams values education so highly that she couldn't sit back and watch Florida fall behind most other states in the high-stakes game of preparing its youth for a productive future.

"You hear how Florida test scores are so bad, I wanted to do something to help,'' said Williams, who started the OWL Foundation nearly two years ago to raise money for academic outreach programs.

The daughters have been willing foot soldiers in their mother's war against illiteracy and academic underachievement. Venus will play Alexandra Stevenson next month in a charity exhibition at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, the proceeds of which are earmarked for a school in West Palm Beach that the Williamses have drawn to their collective bosom as they might a foster child.

"The girls know they're role models and they're not afraid to get involved,'' Williams said. "They do anything I ask them to do for the foundation, not because they are obligated to but because they want to do things to help other people. They realize the impact they can have on people.''

Williams wouldn't hear of any of her children placing a ceiling on their capabilities when they were growing up. If they said they couldn't do something, she'd tell them, "Sure you can. Nothing is unattainable.''

Her stated mission is to infuse disenfranchised youths and young adults with the same can-do spirit. "We look for the ones who are having problems with their grades, the ones teachers have given up on,'' Williams said.

They are taught the basic skills for learning so they might better be able to grab the brass ring of knowledge that they have been conditioned to believe is beyond their reach.

The Williamses are motivated by the same thing that inspired Agassi.

"Hopefully, it raises the standard for public education,'' he said. "That would be a huge accomplishment in my mind.''

Agassi built a school and with it a legacy that will be standing long after he is gone. Agassi Prep will expand in the fall to include a Grade 6 to accommodate this year's fifth-graders. It has received 457 applications for 50 spots in the incoming third-grade class.

"The first thought that comes into my head every time I think about what Andre has done is what a wonderful human being he is,'' Tanaka said. "There are so many celebrities who make a large income who don't make a difference. I look at Andre and I wonder, where does this vision and this wonderful kindness come from?"

That's elementary. It comes from that place inside the self that recognizes that compassion is man's greatest currency.

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Cool Crank It Up - Serena


Anyone want to buy a Porsche?

Miami - Despite having banked more than $6 million in prize money during her career, Serena Williams is putting her Porsche up for sale because it puts a squeeze on her budget.

"I don't need it - my insurance for that car is just exorbitant," she said. "And I never drive it. It's just ridiculous how much insurance I have to pay."

"It's a red Carrera 200, TIP, 4,000 miles ... if you know anybody," she said after beating Lilia Osterloh in the second round of the Nasdaq 100 open.

"I don't really drive that car," said the 20-year-old former U.S. Open champion. "If anyone wants to buy a Porsche 2000, I'm selling it."

Williams, 20, refused to disclose the price: "It's pretty up there. But I can get you on a payment plan. ..."

Top seed Jennifer Capriati, who might benefit from lower insurance premiums because she's older, could find herself facing the same problem after receiving a $160 000 Ferrari 360 Modena as part of a contract signing bonus from a clothing sponsor. - Sapa-DPA

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Keep On Moving On - Venus & Serena

It appears to me - the Sisters are on the move - really - really - in the groove.


Serena coasts, Capriati battles into 4th round


A LAUGHER: Serena Williams needed only 47 minutes to beat Katarina Srebotnik 6-1, 6-0.

Venus Williams credits younger sister Serena for how she ''paved the way'' for her. It was Serena who won the family's first Grand Slam title at the 1999 U.S. Open and Venus who followed with four majors and the No. 1 ranking.

The elder Williams has since assumed the trailblazing duties, mapping a course that Serena has struggled to hold. The ''X'' remains several dotted lines away, but the younger Williams closed the gap Sunday at the Nasdaq-100 Open.

On a day that saw second-seeded Juan Carlos Ferrero and No. 3 Yevgeny Kafelnikov ousted from the men's field, the eighth-seeded Williams advanced on the women's side with a swift 6-1, 6-0 victory over Katarina Srebotnik. The Stadium Court match at the Tennis Center at Crandon Park lasted 47 minutes, about an hour less than it took top seed and current world No. 1 Jennifer Capriati to reach the fourth round.

Seeded 32nd, Anastasia Myskina served for the upset in the second set but could not generate any match points. Capriati broke her opponent 10 times, including four times in the final set for the 3-6, 7-5, 6-2 victory.

Making the matchup of hard-hitting baseliners so compelling was Capriati's inability to hold serve as well. Though broken eight times, Capriati gave her opponent just three break opportunities in the final set. Myskina converted two of them and did not see another after the third game.

''Both of us had been returning better than serving, so I felt pretty confident I would be able to break and apply the pressure,'' said Capriati, who had Friends star Matthew Perry in her cheering section. ``. . . It was a great match and I played pretty well.''

The top two men's seeds in action could not say the same. Ferrero lost his third-round match to Adrian Voinea 7-6 (8-6), 1-6, 6-2. The evening session culminated with No. 32 Marcelo Rios, the 1998 champion here, upsetting Kafelnikov 6-4, 7-6 (7-4). Kafelnikov had won six of the seven career meetings dating to 1995.

Among the men reaching the fourth round was No. 9 Andre Agassi, a 6-3, 6-2 Stadium Court winner over Argentina's Agustin Calleri. At least one Argentine will reach the quarterfinals, thanks to Juan Ignacio Chela and Gaston Gaudio upsetting No. 24 Nicolas Escude and No. 7 Sebastien Grosjean, respectively. Gaudio and Chela will meet in the fourth round.

The defending champion, Agassi is attempting to win this event for the fifth time. A month shy of his 32nd birthday, he showed he still possesses the wheels do it.

''If you get to the ball you have options, and that's always a good thing, especially with me,'' he said. ``With options, I can use the experience and my shot selection. I still have a lot of shots if I can just get to the ball, and guys will feel that.''

Second seed Venus Williams was the last player to join the final 16 women when Mariana Diaz-Oliva retired from their match because of a back injury, trailing 6-2, 1-0. No. 3 Martina Hingis eliminated Tatiana Poutchek 6-0, 6-1 in 43 minutes. Also advancing were No. 4 Kim Clijsters and No. 5 Monica Seles.

Luxembourg's Anne Kremer and American Marissa Irvin orchestrated two upsets. The 26th-seeded Kremer easily beat No. 7 Jelena Dokic 6-3, 6-1. Irvin outlasted No. 10 Meghann Shaughnessy 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

For Serena Williams, injuries -- most recently an ankle sprain -- have sidetracked many of her championship bids. During the Australian Open tune-up in Sydney, Williams rolled her ankle during the semifinal against Shaughnessy and withdrew from the season's first major.

Williams did not return to the practice court until mid-February. Her first tournament back started late last month at Scottsdale, Ariz., where she defeated Hingis and Capriati on her way to the title.

''I usually go in expecting to win, but at Scottsdale I had the flu and I was just really nervous about playing some matches,'' Williams said. 'I was thinking, `Wow, I really hope I can get through it.' That was really good for me.

``I've actually been really disappointed in myself and why people are ahead of me that necessarily might not normally be ahead of me [in the rankings]. That's why I've been more focused.''

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Smile I'll Say

Free cars, lunches and haircuts: It's just brutal being a tennis pro

The Miami Herald

Here at the Nasdaq-100 Open, you can valet park your free car while contemplating what to order for your free lunch, which could come right after your free haircut.

You can do all this, at least, if you're a player. And not just Andre Agassi or Venus Williams. You can do all this even if you're Anna Smashnova, whose entire being isn't nearly as famous as Anna Kournikova's ankles.

This is a different world in here, where the distribution of $6.4 million in prize money comes at the end but really is only the beginning. Along the way, there also will be CD players, hotel suites and $100 sunglasses.

All of which comes to a grand total of, let's see here, zero dollars.

Welcome to the other half, the other half times 10, in fact. No, it is not Bigfoot-captured news when the privileged in sports receive perks. But it is worth noting the lengths to which this tournament now goes to accommodate the participants.

It seems the cushy quotient was kicked up in the early 1990s after a stretch of foul weather turned the moods equally stormy.

''All of a sudden, the food tasted bad, the hotels stunk and the players were saying they hated Miami,'' said Kim Hall, director of player services here for a decade. ``We decided to start a campaign to win them back. We wanted to do more for the players than write them a check.''

So they began doing things like flipping them car keys. All of the nearly 400 players in this event were offered the use of autos during their stays. This meant a rental car for most but, for the top eight seeds, a Mercedes-Benz.

They also established a nursery and a hair salon -- equipped with representatives from internationally renowned Toni & Guy -- right here in the stadium, just off the locker rooms. That's right. Open the wrong door and risk encountering Amanda Coetzer's coach getting clipped.

They host parties for the players on South Beach, give them movie passes and even do their laundry. Want to play golf at Doral Country Club? No problem. That will be cart fees only, if that.

There are computers readily available, two in both locker rooms and four in the players lounge, where they also serve food prepared by hand-picked dietitians and offered at a cost of nothing.

''It still surprises me, all the nice presents we get,'' fourth-seeded Kim Clijsters said. ``We get cell phones, bags of cosmetics, perfume. I give a lot of the things to my family. You can only use so many handbags.''

Now, this is not meant to criticize all players as pampered and complain about a bunch of millionaires who receive toys without having to part with a dime. We are talking about the elite of the elite, survivors who reach this level often by dedicating nothing to tennis but their lives, their childhoods, their very adolescence.

And we're not about to just poke fun at freebies, not when this event boasts a ''media happy hour,'' when our shift Sunday was interrupted by the announcement, ``Note to all media, there are now some sandwiches available at the front desk.''

The point here is to offer a glimpse of a land so foreign it could have its own language, to suggest a reason why some of these tennis-lifers struggle with demanding concepts like changing the channel themselves.

After a straight-sets, sleep-inducing victory over Katarina Srebotnik on Sunday, Serena Williams left the stadium, climbed into a Cadillac Escalade with windows tinted as dark as midnight and was driven back to the safety of her private universe.

She did, at least, carry her own bags. But not Jennifer Capriati, who arrived moments later in a red Ferrari. Capriati had a bellhop in -- no kidding here -- Matthew Perry. How's that for living large, a star actor toting your tennis shoes?

In the middle of this bizarre culture sits Hall, in her third-floor stadium office, fittingly with her back to the tennis happening below. Her role, after all, has about as much to do with the action on the court as a snowdrift.

Players routinely bombard her with requests for such benefits as parking passes, tickets and turkey. Pete Sampras just had to have two turkey sandwiches after his match ended late Saturday night. Since the players lounge already was closed, a park-wide hunt ensued before the proper lunch meat was located.

''I deal with a lot of characters,'' Hall said, speaking not of Sampras but of those who cling to the players like annoying lint.

``Some of them I swear are cartoon characters.''

Cartoon characters? Why not?

Fantasy worlds often are animated.

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