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Re: Me singing my girl Britney [comments + criticism appreciated]

Originally Posted by delicatecutter View Post
Soundcloud or whatever. I want to autotune my voice! I will sound like Britney.

Which song would you like to sing? We can sing Nobody Wants to Be Lonely. I will sing Xtina's part of course.
LMAO I had to download it to know what it was. CHEESEBALL CITY TBH. I don't think I could keep a straight face singing it. And plus, how would we do it...

Not ruling it out, but OMG @ song choice LOL

Originally Posted by LindsayRulz View Post
You were much better on that video Dave
Yes, this was my career masterpiece.

Originally Posted by The Dawntreader View Post
You're in the wrong key my friend. Raise it a step, and you'll sound glorious.

Canadian accent
Yours >>>> tho

Originally Posted by GoDokic! View Post
Hmm that doesn't sound like a real person's voice strangely enough, it almost sounds like those halloween gadgets children use to speak in a spooky voice...
LOL I think that's cause of the backing vocals. And cause I'm a robot apparently

Originally Posted by Imperfect Angel View Post
Or maybe we can have a TF idol here. Between delicatecutter and WhatTheDeuce.
Well I'm down to post more stuff but other people need to start stepping up and posting something too. We can make it a singalong thread.

Originally Posted by delicatecutter View Post
Pretty sure the synch went off towards the middle which sucks.

Can't wait for our impending duet, Dave.
Srsly flaw-free. maybe not always note-wise, but I could see the emotion seeping out of you as you sang plus you made a video, I couldn't LOL.
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