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Re: Congrats Princess Karolina On One Year At The Top

Originally Posted by kman View Post
You might as well congratulate Serena for having the luck not to be playing in the Graf era (where she would've won 2 slams instead of 13)
Right, and we could then congratulate Graf for having the luck that Seles was stabbed so that Graf could win all of her slams....but, you're missing the point....we could go round and round about who is better when comparing players from different eras...but I think with Caro, because of how defensive her game is and how few offensive weapons she has, there would always be players that she is not capable of beating.

Going back to your comment, if you put Serena in the Graf era, I don't think Graf would have dominated Serena to the point that Serena would have only won 2 slams, but if that is all she won, at least that would be 2 slams more than Caro has won. Caro does not control the era that she is playing in, and it is certainly not her fault that this era is weak. But, still, she does have control over her game, and I would think that she would want to develop the weapons to beat the stronger players.

I also want to add that I am not bashing Caro at all...hell, I'm a Clijsters and Stosur and Petko fan, and we all know they have had their issues, so I'm not gonna bash anyone. I really do like Caro as a person, at least based on what we see of her. I think she seems to have a really good personality, and a fun side that I appreciate. But, I would like to see her become a better player. I don't blame all of her problems on her golfer boyfriend like some people do. I think she is just content being where she is, and so happy to be #1 that she doesn't want to, or feel the need to, mess with her game. With Serena and Kim on the way out, she doesn't have to worry about them as much, but if it were me, I wouldn't want to have to depend on other players being injured in order to have a shot at winning a slam.

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