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Re: barker vs evert and austin question....

Originally Posted by AdeyC View Post
I 100% agree with you - hence the 'but I know what you're getting at'.

Baltacha is the best British No 1 we've had since Sarah Gomer
Would that be the same Sara Gomer who only managed to win one game on her best surface (grass) against notoriously slow starter Chris Evert at Wimbledon in 1989, when Evert was completely over the hill, almost did not enter because of injury and had played about two tournaments that year?

Baltacha is like that other East European import - Alex Bogdanovic. The minute they reach our shores they get the "British disease" (mostly because they get everything handed to them on a plate for very little input, along with completely overblown BBC and other coverage of their actually very insignificant "careers").

But back to the main topic, and I have to say I am glad Barker did not make it through to 1983. I was watching the finals of the 1983 Mixed Doubles World Championships, featuring Chris Evert and Andrea Jaegar with two of the most frightening and uncomplementary "poodle perms" I have ever seen. The thought of the woman often unkindly called "the poor man's Chris Evert" sporting something similar is almost too frightening to ponder.
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