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Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Originally Posted by iva_ds87 View Post
I just remembered that some of you find it strange that the program is named “Kitchen”. In Bulgarian (and apparently in Russian) there is a phrase (and derivatives of it) that literally says “news from the kitchen” and means inside information. So the name of Lena’s show makes perfect sense in Russian .

The above interview is accompanied by a descriptive article:

“Do you love hockey like I do? If so, then I'll introduce you to the players of the CHL. My name is Elena Dementieva.” No, you heard right. That's how every Thursday morning the program "Kitchen" on CHL-TV will begin.

One can not immediately figure out who is the protagonist of the program - the guests, well-known hockey players, or the presenter - Olympic champion, the famous tennis player in the past Elena Dementieva. A correspondent of "Soviet Sport" went on the shooting of the pilot episode of the program and once again was convinced of the truth of the proverb "If someone is talented, he is talented in everything."

"Silence on the set! Recording! "- Director's sharp voice broke off in a flash all the whispering in the hall of one of Moscow’s restaurants, which was chosen to film. But the filming space is a tiny cubicle. All of the remaining space is packed with high-tech equipment: HD-cameras, fancy sound panels, spotlights. The impression it’s not TV show shoot, but a movie one.
(skipped irrelevant sentences)
A few seconds prior to recording, Elena’s hairdo is fixed, apply hairspray on the golden curls, put makeup. But Dementieva looks good even without it. She's in great shape.
- Why Vyacheslav Kozlov was not invited? – she complains.
Turns out, Kozlov - a good family friend of Dementieva. When Elena's husband Maxim Afinogenov played in the NHL for Atlanta, Kozlov was his teammate. He invited Maxim and Lena a couple of times to visit his home. They became friendly families. Elena then even helped Kozlov’s son play tennis.
Finally, Elena Dementieva and her guest - "Dynamo" forward Denis Tolpeko sit in the chair. The presenter is in a chic gray dress, Denis raises an eyebrow: "Lena, it looks great on you!"
Lena is very serious about their work. She picks up clothes and shoes, finds out what color the studio is, so that all in harmony.

A conversation begins, and indeed it’s a home feeling. It’s clear right away why the program was called "Kitchen". It isvery cozy in the studio - the walls in pastel colours, soft chairs with cushions, tea and fruits on the table, above it - wicker lampshades. Denis says what cakes his mother bakes for every goal. Elena suddenly makes a sharp turn in the conversation:
- Dennis, people say that in America you’re called a Russian Playboy. Why didn’t you come back with a bride?
Tolpeko rushes thoughts in his mind for a moment and gives a painfully familiar answer: "No I'm not a playboy, no time for fun, we play every other day." But Lena is not fooled: "Your defense doesn’t hold up, Denis", - she smiles slyly. But to extorting an answer from the interlocutor isn’t working. Seeing that the hockey player is not in the mood to talk about his personal life, Dementieva instantly changed the subject.

Shooting is in its third hour and it's time to ask for a timeout. But even for a five-minute break, Lena has no time to drink water. Again, makeup, hair ... the hairdo is a very different and this will irritate the viewer. "We'll have to reshoot the program" - the director gives a harsh verdict.
- Really? – Dementieva is horrified. - We just finished up, it was an intimate conversation. It will not be the same if Denis has to retell.
As a result, the presenter takes a willful decision: go back into the dressing room and ask to have her hair done as before.
Lena tries to be as relaxed as possible. There are no worn-out cliches in her questions. "Denis, we're both Muscovites. When will our capital’s club win the Gagarin Cup? "- She turns the conversation to hockey topic. Tolpeko just shrugs: "We will do everything to this year. And the champion will be only "Dynamo"! "
As always... thank you so much Iva

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