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Originally Posted by Raz0r View Post
Now that Eva is all famous and stuff, how hard do you think it'll be to get her autograph or even a photo?
Please, I didn't even find her at this year's US Open BEFORE she got famous. I saw Lynn twice (she was two rows away from me watching the Na/Halep R1 match), exchanged words with Alexandra Panova on the line for Ben and Jerry's but do I see Eva? No. The only time I had an Eva sighting was after the Pennetta/Peng R4 match, I went to get a taco and they were showing the video from Grandstand (of Muller/ Kunistyn that I can't even spell....) which I couldn't get in to (nor did I want to...if I had only known ) and I heard her voice. And I was just like:

But it was only the last game.


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