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Re: Knightley to adopt English accent for Anna Karenina

Originally Posted by KournikovaFan91 View Post
So yet again she will have an upper class British accent. This girl's talents see no bounds.
It's not all about the accents. She's played a very wide range of roles throughout her career.

Originally Posted by Beat View Post
no wonder she goes back to a british accent after being laughed at for her russian accent in that croneneberg movie.

this and this.

i recently saw the trailer for "the devil's double". dominic cooper plays the son of sadam hussein, uday hussein, and his double latif yahia. of course he speaks english - with an arab accent. it makes no sense whatsoever.
the same applies to the cornenberg movie: c.g. jung was swiss, freud was austrian, spielrein was russian. i have no problem with british/international actors playing these characters, but just let them speak normal english, because the original characters didn't speak english (to each other) anyway, so why pretend they did?
She wasn't laughed at.

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