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Re: Age that players born 1987 onwards broke Top 100

Well, the main reason that I only included those who went on to reach Top 50 is because if I included all those in the Top 100 the list would be really, really long. Also I wanted to compare those listed to rising players and see the age that they need to break Top 100 to be successful (i.e. become Top 50 or even better Top 20) and I didn't really want to include Top 51-100 because otherwise there could just be some journeywomen who just break the Top 100 and don't really have a successful career. That's also why I only did 1987 and later because you cannot really compare the data from earlier years to now as players were breaking through much earlier then (even 1987 to be honest).

Anyway after what people have said I am thinking of including all players who broke the Top 100 born after 1987 but I'll see how long it takes me to do.
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