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Re: Womens Tennis in General

Originally Posted by Martian Jeza View Post
What I miss bloody much and not a little bit is a player that don't use ball bashing or power tennis to beat their opponent but using their brains and thinking tennis is like a chess game like Martina Hingis did in her prime : I'm so nostalgic about those times : and without power and without ball bashing you can win slams : Martina showed it ! Why all those girls have to follow the bad steps of the WS ? FFS ! The WS have destroyed the beauty of the women's tennis game by bringing that physical and brutal tennis ! That's why I admired Martina so much and still am her n°1 Belgian fan : well at least at the French part side
I think it were Seles and Capriati that started the age of power tennis actually. Their 1991 semi final at the USO is legendary for introducing, or at least popularizing power hitting. Of course, the Williams sisters took it further still, but you have to keep in mind that tennis rackets continue to improve all the time and that the game evolves with the material that the players have at their disposal. Power hitters dominate the game today because the modern rackets with their huge sweetspot and trampoline effect reward that type of play. It would have been impossible to play like that with the rackets of thirty years ago. In the age of power tennis it becomes increasingly difficult for 'touch players' to be competitive with the ball constantly coming at you with the speed of light. Hingis, ok. But Hingis is a genius.

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