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Re: Womens Tennis in General

Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
Exactly. The odds tell how much money you are paid if your bet of 1 wins. If the odds are 2.00, you get your money doubled - this is also known as evens, a toss-up or fifty-fifty.

In a tennis match, the favorite (as the market sees it) will always have odds between 1.00 and 2.00, while the underdog will have odds from 2.00 and up.

The odds also estimate the probability that the player wins. The favorite will have a probability between 50 % and 100 % to win. Odds 1.67 corresponds to 60 %, odds 1.25 corresponds to 80 %, and odds 1.11 corresponds to 90 %. Mathematically savvy readers will understand that the odds and the probability are reciprocal numbers.
You lost me at "exactly."

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