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Re: Womens Tennis in General

I was thinking last night (when Caro was behind) how I was going to have little to cheer for in this year's Open once she lost. Personally not a fan of any of the remaining, other than Zvonerava somewhat.

My predictions:


If I were betting, I would bet on Vera (at current odds). She's playing really well just now, and showed she has the potential to handle a Serena-type game in the Lisicki match.

If it makes it to that, I think Caro has a chance against Serena (at least more than the odds give her). Somebody started a thread in GM on this (and got summarily dismissed) but I think the only way you beat Serena right now is to get her moving without giving her much to hit (easier said than done), like Vika in the second set against her. The commentators talk about her fitness, but I'm not seeing that -- I think she could end up looking like Svetlana in a long 3-set match.
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