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Smile Thursday Report

Hi everyone. I got there at 10 30 am. First saw, some players practicing. Razzano was warming up on court A. Chang was hitting with his coach. At 110 am all the matches started. I saw Clavet vs. Voltchkiv. Francisco took easily the first set. He was better than Vladimir. Those slices force many errors from Vladimir. After the first set, there was not doubts he was going to take this match, so the second set started and Francisco took the lead at 3-0, up a break, then went to the change and the umpire announced Vlamidir retires and Francisco wins the match. Nice victory for Francisco  . On the stands, there was a fan that during the match shouted: Viva EspaŮa, you are a good amigo, (relating to the war), that guy was taken to another place, lol . Saw, Barna vs. Jidkova. In the first set Anca had many opportunities to take the set, but for some reaosn she was not able to do it. In the second set, after some games, Anca called the trainer because she had cramps. It took 15 min to start playing again. Then Jidkova took the second set. I am surprised with Jidkovaís game. She showed nice aggression on the court. That forehand has power, the backhand is not bad, the serve hurts the opponent, and that strange noise she makes shows her competitive spirit. Anca never found a way to hurt Jidkova. Her groundies are soft are my motherís hands. Also saw, Grande vs. Poutckek. I will say I give Poutcheck the award for Worst sportmanship during a match. She threw her racket every time Grande hit a winner or won a point. She was moaning and complaining for every close call. She wanted overrules all the time. Pffff f that is bullshit. I am upset she won the match that way. Rita in the first set showed nothing with her game. Tatiana was aggressive all the time. In the second set, Rita took command of her game and took the set away from Tatiana. In the third set, it was just one break enough for b*** Tatiana to win the match. I wanted Grande to win it, but she has no weapon on hard courts. She has no backhand, she slices the ball all the time. She hit mmmm 80 slice backhands, and it never worked against Tatiana, who was hitting flat both sides. Tatiana won but someone needs to teach her how to be a person on the court. Asagoe beat Serna. I saw some parts f it. Again, I still donít understand Serna tried slicing the ball most of the time. It is not clay. *sigh *sigh I was sad Serna lost.

Took a break to have lunch. Then went back to courts and saw how bald and cute 5í 11íí Peruvian king Luis Horna sent home Douvidenko I canít be more happy, he was wonderful today, and the crowd was with him all the time. The same thing with Massu, who had all Chile on the crowd. He won in two sets and that crowd was more than loud (maybe too much for some people).

Next comes the best match of the day; Marrero vs. Koukalova. The first set was taken by Koukalova. Marta tried but Koukalova had a winner shot all the time. In the second set, everyone thought Koukalova was going to win it, but hey surprise surprise, Miss Marrero changed her clothes in front of everyone yeah in front of everyone (didnít take a pic of that cause I donít promote pornography) and when got back to court she took control of the second set. And the third set, was just a one sided set, Marrero destroyed Koukalova, who I think had no intention to play. She did not run for the balls, threw her racket a couple of times, sent nasty looks to the umpire *slap @ her. Be a good loser dear Marrero was so so happy she won and smiling and taking pictures with her fans and signing autographs. Then I saw her talking to latin actress Grecia Colmenares. I want to say Marta has a lot of talent. She fights and in her last 2mathces she has been down a set and fought hard and won both of them. She is not big or has big muscles but she has this fighting attitude on the court. Good luck to her in her next match. My two cute diminutive Rochus had different results today. Olivier won but Christopher lost. Then, went to the other courts to see players practicing. Saw Iroda hitting with her coach. Elena Bovina was warming up. Panova was going to practice, and I donít know if she is retarded or pretend to be so smart because every time a person greets her she doesnít say anything. Actually, she gives you a look like she doesnít care. Lol I think she went to the stars too fast when players that are way better than her are more down to earth. :whispering: money dear , it is moneyís fault: ouchhhh.

Also saw, Gagliardi vs. Razzano. My favorite was Razzano because I like the way she carries herself on and off the court. She projects a nice aura of maturity and confidence. Well, that was not there in the match. The first set was ugly for Virginie and the second set she tried many ways to take off balance Gagliardi but got no success. What can I say? Razzano tried but I think not her best, she is capable of more. I think she was too respectful with Gagliardi. Gagliardi deserves so much credit for her game plan. That forehand really makes you bleed. Boy, she jumps in the air and boom boom she hits it flat and so so hard. The backhand is nice. The drops shot Razzano many times. And also this routine she has makes anyone get mad. Between points when Razzano was serving she needed the towel to dry the grip, to dry her hands, to dry her face :sigh: :sigh: then one turn before she is ready, no wait, it has to be two, for her to be ready to receive. Ohhh man , wait to see when she serves. The ritual gets better, lol she need to dry her grip every point. Then she asks for three yeah three balls. Give the balls some massage with her hands, chooses one, and then serves. Oh my!!!!!!! That is not good. And wait I forgot to mention she took 10 min to get changed behind the stands , lol

Saw Douchevina vs., Wartusch. Summary: I never saw Wartusch in the match. What kind of player is this?? She doesnít run, the forehand looks like a beginnerís forehand. Douchevina warmed up the first set. She only needed to put the ball on the other side and she won the first set. The second set Wartusch got better with the serve but still she was fighting with the net. I think Vera was on her comfort zone. Probably it has been her easiest match so far. Also saw how Zvonareva was sent home by Chaldkova. Congrats to this girl because she really can play, she hits the ball so hard both sides, she fights for every point. And Vera tried her best but Chladkova has an answer all the time. Chaldkova got nervous to close out the match. But finally she did it. I wanted Vera to win, but well it was not her day. and Chaldkova played brilliant.

Now, letís go to the most expected match of the day: Anna vs. Dinara. I have to say I saw Anna a couple of hours before her match practicing and it is incredibly how many men she attracts. Lol she finished her practice session and I was one more of the retarded guys that was running behind her to get her autograph.

Now the match. :sigh: It was an ugly match. I wish I did not buy my night session ticket. Anna play UGLY UGLY UGLY. Where should I start?? The serve is :sigh: she doesnít have a serve. It was like 50 or 60 mph first serve. But hey she only hit like 5 first serves in all the match. In the second set she sliced her first serve. I couldnít believe that. It was so painful to see that. And man, all the crow, yeah all the crowd was behind her because 90 % of them knew who Anna was, but had no idea who Safina was, lol A lady told me Safina was from Italy, ouchhh :slap: for the old lady . Annaís forehand get wild and flies out of the court. I must say her backhand is delicious to watch. The way she turns her shoulders, makes you feel mmmm you are in heaven. Well, me and Miami love Anna. (some people forgot who were playing because some of hem cheered for Enrique and I thought it was a womenís match ) and it doesnít matter is she loses because she just got everyoneís attention. Safina won because of Annaís out of this planet game, and she had a couple of winners. Good for her. I hope Anna plays doubles because I enjoy to see her on the court. Guys, she is so fucking beautiful, has a nice body and man she knows we love her. The way she walks, like telling you: follow me is just so appealing. I wonder what some perv guys would have been thinking yesterday night.

Did not see Chang vs. Kiefer because I was following Douchevina match.

Sorry I am late with the report but I got home after 12 am.

Myskina, kirilenko, chakvetadze. Douchevina, Petrova, Clijsters, Zvonareva, Dementieva, Vaidiosava, Voskoboeva, !!!!!

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thanks Daniel for that very entertaining report

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Great report thanks! LOL at the end. :-D

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entertaining is the word, good Daniel. To Panova, it is a part of her image, I think , it looks like so And how my English sucks

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Thanks, Daniel...
I read it all!!!
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thanx Daniel for the reports on a very enthralling day of tennis

glad you enjoyed it even if the night session went sour.

Good luck in 2016 to my favs*Kuznetsova*Sharapova*Kleybanova*Vesnina*Shvedova*Kulichkova*Kasatkina*
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I hope you can tell us about more Marreroīs victories!

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Gracias Dani

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Thanks Daniel
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OMG Marta :P
gracias daniel

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Thanks, Dani

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When you say Marrero "changed her clothes", what exactly do you mean? Just how much did she take off?

Panova is naturally timid, she does know how to smile and laugh. Just not in the presence of other people. LOL. No, as Salima says, it might be an image thing to scare the other players and thus compensate for her moderate height. Go Tatiana!
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Thanks, great read.

Poor Anca.
I always knew Tatiana is a greedy b*tch.
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Originally Posted by GoDominique
I always knew Tatiana is a greedy b*tch.
And exactly how was that established? Yes, she plays a (very) intense schedule, but she doesn't exactly wallow in sponsor engagements.
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