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Re: TT #37c Sofia -- You can commit in!

Singles Draws

Singles Main Draw


Matches Counted: 3
Matches Remaining: 0

jrm(6) vs * mladen * (2)


Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

jrm(6) vs. bujilover
Kev. vs * mladen * (2)


Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

MashaWTAsaver vs jrm(6)
Ethiopian Clowns(7) vs. bujilover
Ivanovic_fan vs. Kev.
Bart (5) vs * mladen * (2)

Second Round

Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

WhoAmI?(1) vs.. MashaWTAsaver
MrBrightside.vs. jrm(6)

Ethiopian Clowns(7) vs. Mommiej
peanuts vs bujilover

Ivanovic_fan vs. valac222
kasia_q vs. Kev.

Bart(5) vs. Magdalena Ry
Banditoo vs. * mladen *(2)

First Round

Matches Counted: 16
Matches Remaining: 0

WhoAmI?(1) vs. Jon.
pedropt vs. MashaWTAsaver
rnwerner vs. MrBrightside.
Beesley vs. jrm(6)

Ethiopian Clowns(7) vs. Vicmatibla
Mommiej vs. Esimp
JupiterLover vs. peanuts
bujilover vs. Curcubeu(4)

Andiyan(3) vs. Ivanovic_fan
valac222 vs. Tennisfan06
xieergai vs. kasia_q
Kev. vs. lucian_iasi(8)

Bart(5) vs. supertec
Magdalena Ry vs. CarlCold
Viktorious vs. Banditoo
tauparticle vs. * mladen *(2)


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