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Lindsay's reti...dont like that word..FUTURE!!

Ive just been reading a thread about the top 10 in 2005...and EVERYONE, and i mean EVERYONE who has posted says that lindsay will be longer on our courts

so it got me worrying..and im sure all TOPS have thought about it

what do we do when 'IT' happens????

how are all going to cope, what will we do, will the clan fold, no news on lindsay, we wont know how she is...until she drops her first sprog anyway...

u gotta help me guys....i dont know if i can cope...the injury is taking its toll already

i pray to god that there is going to be some sort of rehab centre for depressed TOPS to spend the rest of there years living in past glory....instead of TOPping (parden the pun, i couldnt resist) themselves.....
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