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Re: Julia Moriarty - I wonder which way she'll go...

I was reading this random article, and it was so hilarious..I need to bump this thread.

Cynics on some Australian tennis forums accused the young player of moving to the Irish set-up to increase her prospects for the London Olympics in 2012. But Moriarty says this was not a factor in her decision, though she says she would like to compete at the Games. She needs to climb higher up the world rankings to be considered.
TS, that's you

Since then, she has been impressed with how Ireland is approaching its tennis coaching.

“It’s the whole mentality of being … Australia considers me old and past it already but that’s not how it is in Ireland,” she explains.
You're not old, you're terrible. I think the reason it isn't like that in Irish women's tennis, is because there is about one other player.

“I’m more on the positive side of things,” she says. “I’d like one day to be an ambassador for indigenous people.”
Yes...By using all your fame and success in tennis...not to mention, nothing says indigenous role-model like an Irish tennis player.

“Like any person excelling at a young age, you have to be well beyond your years. They have to keep grounded. The younger you are, the tougher it is,” she says, matter-of-factly.
I don't think I even have to say how delluded this is, oh wait, I just did.

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