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Re: Has Caroline's consistency deserted her? It sure looks that way.

Originally Posted by terjw View Post
Expecting her to do well is different to saying she's capable of doing better. Clay is her worst surface. Just about every expert would agree and Caro anf Piotr both say so. So the thread just looks like creating a stat to put Caro in the worst possible light.

As I said before - only Justine (2006-7) has managed to sustain a level of dominance since Serena 2002-2003 that Kim and Caro attained at the top for longer. Sure I'm disappointed in some of her results since IW. But it's like you have to dream up some stat to put her in the worst possible light concentrating with her play on her worst surfaces. Honestly - saying she's not the real #1 but the #7 reminds me of some of those convoluted stats like she's never beaten a former #1.

If the rest of the year she underperforms and has bad results, her true ranking - not your pseudo ranking - will reflect this.
Well, discounting green clay and indoor carpet (which I'm not sure is used anymore) there are only three surfaces and one of them is going to be her weakest but that does not mean she can not win or do well on it. I guess the main thing that disappoints me is that as far as point totals go she was not able to do much better in the 2011 clay season when she was healthy and an improved player over the 2010 season when she was to no small degree hampered with an ankle injury. Are there any great clay court players in today's WTA? Certainly there is no one that dominates in the way that Nadal does in the ATP or in the way that Justine Henin did. I think it is fair to say that there is no one dominant clay player that is stymieing Caroline's ability to win on clay. Look no further than Maria Sharapova for an example of a player that has traditionally struggled on clay but was able to have some impressive results on it this season despite those past struggles.

I should also like to point out that this thread is not just about clay as it also encompasses grass and hardcourts and I plan to update the first post after Cincinnati is over. Further, I challenge you to find a quote of mine where I made the claim that Caroline is "not the real #1 but the #7." Of course she is still the real number one, her results and ranking reflect that. After the loss to Vinci I was wondering how she had done in the middle part of the season and after doing the maths I was slightly shocked to see that there were six players ahead of her. Maybe that is common knowledge but I found it surprising and thought that it was worth sharing. If my intention was to bash Caroline and belittle her I would have posted this thread in GM where I have no doubt that it would have flourished before degenerating into the usual chorus of "Caroline sucks and she is the worst number one ever" the way that all of her threads end up. I was hoping to be able to have a conversation about her struggles in the middle of the season that was critical but at the same time respectful.

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