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Re: Has Caroline's consistency deserted her? It sure looks that way.

Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
Really? Sure, I am being somewhat critical of her but I think I am doing so in a reasonable and respectful way. I laid out my theory and did my best to back it up with facts, that is a far cry from the typical conversations about Caroline in GM. Generally I try to hold myself to the standard that I would not type something about a person that I would feel uncomfortable saying to them in person. I don't think that anything I typed is at odds with that standard so I do not think I am being too harsh.

I absolutely believe in her but with that belief comes expectations. Too many fans appear to be of the opinion that her game is not suited to clay and that we should not expect her to do well on that surface. To me that school of thought is slightly insulting to Caroline and her abilities. I have a different opinion and believe that she is capable of doing much better on clay than she did this season.
Expecting her to do well is different to saying she's capable of doing better. Clay is her worst surface. Just about every expert would agree and Caro anf Piotr both say so. So the thread just looks like creating a stat to put Caro in the worst possible light.

As I said before - only Justine (2006-7) has managed to sustain a level of dominance since Serena 2002-2003 that Kim and Caro attained at the top for longer. Sure I'm disappointed in some of her results since IW. But it's like you have to dream up some stat to put her in the worst possible light concentrating with her play on her worst surfaces. Honestly - saying she's not the real #1 but the #7 reminds me of some of those convoluted stats like she's never beaten a former #1.

If the rest of the year she underperforms and has bad results, her true ranking - not your pseudo ranking - will reflect this.

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