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Re: Elise Tamaela knocked out and put on a drip by opponent's father

Here's my translation of Karen Barbat's blog entry. She tends to write long sentences so my translation reflects that and that may make her words hard to understand at times. That's because it was hard to make sense of in Danish as well

I don't want to write about this

I don't want to write about this but I have to. I can no longer watch how guilty people try to act innocent or how the media makes up stories about how a crazy psycho father beats up a random tennis player. Or how I am more or less either an accomplice or a victim - and how my words to Ekstrabladet have been misconstrued, that I have said that my father beat up a tennis player, in the hopes of calming down the situation and tell what really happened. I have said and meant that he may have reacted unfortunately in self-defence and that it was the girl who went up to him and started yelling and beating him.

Both my father and I are very sorry about all of this, both on behalf of the girl who was hurt, the others who were present, the tournament, ITF and not least my father – who has been given the label of being a villain. My father is not a psycho and everything but violent. He has been with me on the tour for many years and has always had a good relationship with the players and has been nice and always speaks well with people and coaches at the tournaments. I am sorry that such a situation had such an unfortunate outcome - and has been misconstrued in such a way. I cannot control what people do outside the court and the unfortunate and sad way this tennis match ended or the stories that the media and journalists made up but I can only move on and continue working towards my goals. Therefore I hope that those people who follow this case and read my words here get to know the truth. My only part in this case is that I played a match and was present and witnessed the episode which happened at the sidelines. What is most unfortunate is that I was punished and that the supervisor had to disqualify me afterwards due to the rules. There was no police and certainly no police hunt after the episode as some people have made up. I also went over to talk to the group which had participated in the conflict and the girl who was involved. Afterwards dad and I quietly left the club and went home the next day.

I hope that I have put an end to all the misconceptions and will try to forget this and put the case behind me - and continue to play tennis at full speed and look forward to go on with my little brother Alex to play some tournaments in Germany in the next couple of weeks.
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