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Red face Re: Elise Tamaela knocked out and put on a drip by opponent's father

This is getting weirder and weirder every day... Mihai Barbat is pressing charges against Elise via the ITF, Elise just received an official email... Really wondering what that man is thinking? Does he want to save his access to tournaments or does he really think (in his own head?) that he's the one being a victim? There are (literally) a dozen of witnesses who all have seen (and some even testified at the police station, incl. the referee) what happened. The hospital has given an official statement of Elise being injured. Even Karen has confessed to the press that her father hit Elise.

If I was such a low life as he is, things would have gotten out of hand right now. But he's lucky that we want to solve this in a decent way: in court if it's necessary. No need to get all physical like he did.

Just can't express how I feel right now... This must be one of the strangest weeks in my life, let alone Elise's... It's an upside down world...
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