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Re: Elise Tamaela knocked out and put on a drip by opponent's father

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
Well, d'uh Obviously her father was not completely unprovoqued and she probably tells the story as it is. Dutch fans are definitely loud which has been seen at Aranxta Rus' matches. No matter what Mihai shouldn't have hit Elise, though. It's a horrible thing to do.

Karen is not to blame and I don't see how anyone can hate her or anything now. I don't think people realize how difficult it is to just push your father out of your life, even though he treats you badly. Families usually always stand up for each other and we wouldn't know the personal consequences for Karen if she chose to tell her father to get out of her life.
That is not all. In any case, he's an adult; he ought to try some self-control. Not everyone in the crowd is going to be a supporter of his daughter. If he can't handle that, don't come to the matches. Ridiculous to try and defend this guy. The daughter defends him because she, to some degree, has to, since she is still dependent upon him.
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