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Re: Elise Tamaela knocked out and put on a drip by opponent's father

Originally Posted by DOUBLEFIST View Post
After hitting a girl?

...In the US (depending, of course on where he was) he would have been lucky if someone in the crowd didn't kick his ass. THEN, the police would come and if he got smart with them, he'd get ANOTHER ass beatin'. And if he was in a large metro like LA and had to go to county..., HA! He'd have to hope no one lock up in the joint with him found out what he did.

I can't imagine anybody getting away with such a high profile assault on a girl like that in the U.S. at a tennis tournament. Maybe they have, but damn...! I mean, were not talkin' about a bunch drunk-ass fools from "Raider-Nation."
I could imagine what would happen to him in general holding downtown over here.

But seriously, look what happened with that fight last year at the USO. It was three teenage guys, and they were arrested and banned from the USO until 2013. And it wasn't considered a serious assault like this case is.

And the dish ran away with the spoon..
but Hawaii was the only state that would recognize the marriage as legal.
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