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Re: 1956 Results

Australian Championships

Dates: January 20 to 30.
Venue: Brisbane
Surface: Grass

Singles (Draw=32)

1st Round

Mary Hawton [1] d. Marjorie Gibson default
Gwen Thiele d. Shirley Lee 6-2 6-1
Lorraine Coghlan [8] d. A Beitzal default
Margot Rayson d. L Bowden 6-3 6-2
Fay Muller [4] d. Jill Strachan 6-2 6-2
Maureen McCalman d. Pat Parmenter 2-6 6-4 6-2
Thelma Long [5] d. Dorothy Linde 6-0 3-6 6-1
Beth Jones d. Ann Sheidow 3-6 6-3 6-3

Margaret Hellyer d. Zara Robinson 6-2 6-2
Daphne Seeney [6] d. Jan Shearer 6-2 6-3
Sheila Armstrong(GB) d. Val Roberts 1-6 6-2 6-4
Beryl Penrose [3] d. Shirley Anderson 6-0 6-2
Nell Hopman d. Jill Langley 7-5 6-1
Loris Nichols [7] d. Betty Bradfield 6-4 4-6 6-2
Dawn Fogarty d. Anne Lonergran 6-4 6-2
Mary Carter [2] d. Madzy Rollin Couquerque 6-4 6-2

2nd Round

Hawton [1] d. Thiele 6-1 6-1
Coghlan [8] d. Rayson 6-3 6-4
Muller [4] d. McCalman 6-1 6-3
Long [5] d. Jones 8-6 4-6 9-7

Seeney [6] d. Hellyer 3-6 6-4 6-4
Penrose [3] d. Armstrong 6-2 4-6 6-2
Nichols [7] d. Hopman 6-2 6-1
Carter [2] d. Fogarty 6-3 8-6


Hawton [1] d. Coghlan [8] 0-6 6-0 6-3
Long [5] d. Muller [4] 7-5 6-1
Seeney [6] d. Penrose [3] 6-2 6-1
Carter [2] d. Nichols [7] 6-1 7-5


Long[5] d. Hawton[1] 0-6 6-3 9-7
Carter[2] d. Seeney[6] 6-3 7-5

Mary Carter[2] d. Thelma Long [5] 3-6 6-2 9-7

Doubles (Draw=16)

Seed note: Redick-Smith/Wipplinger were the #1 foreign seeds.

1st Round

Mary Hawton/Beryl Penrose [1] d. P Greenslade*/Dawn McCamley 6-1 6-0
Norma Ellis/Nell Hopman d. B Franklin/Mary Martin 6-4 2-6 6-2
Loris Nichols/Helen Taylor d. Joan Decker/D Wade** 6-2 6-1
Mary Carter/Jennifer Staley [3] d. Esme Ashford/Alison Hattersley 5-7 7-5 6-4

Thelma Long/Clare Proctor [2] d. Norma Marsh/A Paech 6-0 6-1
Helen Angwin/Gwen Thiele d. Gwen Bryant/Dorn Fogarty 8-6 6-2
Fay Muller/Daphne Seeney [4] d. Jennifer Edmondson/Kay Newcombe 6-1 6-2
Hazel Redick-Smith (SA)/Julia Wipplinger (SA) [1] d. Alison Baker/Barbara Warby 6-3 2-6 6-2


Hawton/Penrose [1] d. Ellis/Hopman 6-4 6-3
Nichols/L.Taylor d. Carter/Staley [3] 6-2 6-2
Long/Proctor [2] d. Angwin/Thiele 6-0 6-0
Redick-Smith/Wipplinger [1] d. Muller/Seeney [4] 6-1 6-0

Hawton/Penrose [1] d. Nichols/L.Taylor 6-0 6-4
Redick-Smith/Wipplinger [1] d. Long/Proctor [2] 6-1 10-8

Mary Hawton/Beryl Penrose[1] d. Hazel Redick-Smith/Julia Wipplinger [1] 6-3 8-6

Mixed Doubles (Draw=20)

Seeding note: Redick-Smith/Williaims [1] and Wipplinger/Segal [2] were foreign seeds.

First Round

All except byes except following pairs

Alison Baker/Cedric Mason d Alison Hattersley/W Case 6-2 7-5
Julia Wipplinger (SA)/Abe Segal (SA) [2] d Margaret O'Donnell/Warren Kennedy default
Mary Carter/Kevin Meyer d Daphne Seeney/Tony Pickard 6-2 11-9
Hazel Redick-Smith (SA)/Owen Williams (SA) [1] d J Best/J Best default

2nd Round

Thelma Long/Rex Hartwig [1] d Barbara Warby/Doug Reid 7-5 6-2
Gwen Bryant/Ross Sherriff d Jennifer Staley/John Blacklock 7-5 6-3
Wipplinger/Segal [2] d Baker/Mason 6-3 7-5
Norma Ellis/Neale Fraser [4] d Carter/Meyer 6-2 6-2

Loris Nichols/Bill Gilmour d Redick-Smith/Williams [1] default
Dawn Fogarty/Clive Wilderspin [3] d Gwen Thiele/Richard Potter 7-5 6-0
Clare Proctor/Bob Howe d Helen Angwin/John Hann 2-6 6-4 8-6
Beryl Penrose/John Bromwich [2] d Kay Newcombe/Tim Cawthorn 6-2 6-0


Long/Hartwig [1] d Bryant/Sherriff 6-2 6-4
Ellis/Fraser [4] d Wipplinger/Segal [2] 7-5 6-2
Fogarty/Wilderspin [3] d Nichols/Gilmour 7-5 6-2
Penrose/Bromwich [2] d Proctor/Howe 1-6 6-2 6-3

Long/Hartwig [1] d Ellis/Fraser [4] 8-6 9-7
Penrose/Bromwich [2] d Fogarty/Wilderspin [3] 1-6 6-3 6-2

Thelma Long/Rex Hartwig [1] d Beryl Penrose/John Bromwich [2] 4-6 6-1 6-2

Draw notes:

The official Australian Open site lists Decker's partner as Dorothy Linde.
The official Australian Open site lists McCamley's partner as Margaret O'Donnell.

The official site is not 100% correct. it fails to take into account the foreign seeding used. For example, #1 foreign seed Redick-Smith is turned into the #9 seed!

L Taylor=Helen Taylor
F Martin=Mary Martin
Mrs R Baker=Alison Baker


The first Aussie ever in Brisbane and a disaster by all accounts. The center court was the wrong dimensions, player complaints were numerous, and controversy raged daily.

The first big upset of the 1956 women's singles in Brisbane was the thrashing which was inflicted upon title holder Beryl Penrose in the quarterfinals by local girl Daphne Seeney. Penrose was all at sea on the heavy court and found herself becalmed by the dropshots and placements of the awkward lefthander 2-6 1-6. Not that losing to Seeney was a disgrace, she toured with the overseas team, a runnerup at Wimbledon doubles. She eventually married South African Davis Cup player Trevor Fancutt, settled in Queensland and raise a whole family of tennis players.

Long defeated Muller, Carter defeated Loris Nichols and Hawton won over Lorraine Coghlan with unusual scoreline of 0-6 6-0 6-3 to reach the semis.

Hawton was then involved in another bizarre match, against Long in the semifinals. Hawton won the first 9 games, Long the next 9, and then the real tussle began. In the final set Long had match points at 5-4, but could not put Hawton away. Hawton led 7-6 but on a crucial point missed the line by inches with a backhand volley. The ghost of a chance quickly slipped away and Long was through 0-6 6-3 9-7.

Officials attempted to relegate the Carter-Seeney semifinal to an outside court to clear a backlog of matches, but the girls wouldn't have a bar of it. A decade or so before the modern Women's Liberation Movement caught on, the girls stood up for their rights and insisted that the public was waiting for them to play on centre court where they had been scheduled, and that was where they would play. Furthermore they insisted that Long had the advantage of getting used to the centre court and it would be unfair to the winner of their match to be denied such an opportunity. Carter and Seeney refused to leave center court when the President of the Queensland LTA demanded they leave to make way for a men's match. The sight of Big Bill Edwards, 20 stone, trying to herd the two women to an outside court remains vivid for those who witnessed the comical stand-off. The overweight official waddled on court to the amusement of the gallery. The women delayed, refusing to go to an outside court. When finally shooed off, the two ladies barricaded themselves in the locker room, in effect daring the officials to default them.

Finally the ladies were allowed to finish their match the next day-- on center court.

In Seeney's case it was a matter of winning the battle and losing the war. Halfway through the 2nd set, just when she seemed she was getting into the match, she dislocated her right knee. She insisted on continuing with it heavily strapped and even succeeded in winning a few games before Carter finished off the match 6-3 7-5.

Despite losing to Long in the semifinals in the last two Australian titles, Carter was optimistic of a positive outcome as Brisbane turned on one of it's hottest and most humid days and she hoped that the 17 years difference between ages may be a telling factor. The longer the match went on the better Carter's chances become. Long won the first 6-3 but in the 2nd started to limp noticeably because of blisters. Carter won the 2nd and took a 5-3 lead in the third. Always dangerous when cornered, Long battled back to reach match point at 6-5. Carter remained calm, volleyed her way out of trouble and eventually prevailed 9-7 in the third.

It was discovered before finals day that the service box on center court was 25 inches short on one end. The players had complained throughout the event but organizers had refused to measure the court. Only after reporters snuck onto the court and measured it were Queensland officals pressured into admitting their error and fixing the court.

Even the finals produced controversy, as they were held on a Sunday. Churches protested, but the first Sunday finals went ahead.

Summary courtesy of Louloubelle and Rollo

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