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Fill-in-the-Draw 2011: Toronto

Previous Champs
2010: Equipped (Montreal)
2009: SVK
2008: Andiyan (Montreal)
2007: d_s
2006: gary (Montreal)
2005: kwanfan

Playing F-I-T-D is simple and only takes a few minutes per week. Here is what you need to know:

1) Just post a full predicted draw for the tournament, including all winners in all matches of all rounds.

2) No commitments are necessary for the tournaments; simply post your picks in the thread!

3) You must post your full prediction must be posted before the first ball of the first main draw match is struck. Any draws posted after this time will not be counted.

4) Please post your picks in the form of winners' names only. Please do not post nicknames.

5) Picks can be altered only if a seeded player withdraws after you have made your original prediction. Again, new draws will only be accepted before the first ball of the first main draw match is struck. You cannot alter your picks if the player who withdrew was not seeded.

6) When changing your picks, you must post in a new post, quoting the previous picks. NO EDITING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! (any edited post will not be counted, no exceptions!)

7) Please keep your picks as your own and DO NOT copy and paste other poster's picks. If you do this this will be taken as cheating and your picks will not be counted.

8) If the qualifiers are still unknown when posting your picks you may add them as "Q" or "QUALIFIER". It would be really helpful if you could give each qualifier a number (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4). This is essential if two qualifiers have to face each other as you will have to specify which qualifier you pick to win (e.g. Q1 def. Q2). If you do not do this, that particular pick will not be counted.

9)You will not get points if the player has a bye in first round.

10) Scoring is based on the WTA ranking points for each round of a pro tournament: for each player you predict correctly into the next round, you receive the points for reaching that round.

Example: Quarterfinals


And the actual real winners were:


You will score 450 points for guessing two of the semi finalists correctly (225 x 2 = 450).

11) You may play more than one event a week, but only your best result will be counted.

2) The ranking points will be awarded according to a chart: Fill-in-the-Draw Points Distribution.

Only the 17 best tournaments will be counted. You can find the full rankings here: Fill-in-the-Draw 2010 Overall Rankings| 8th November {Final Rankings}.

The Race to the Championships is available here: Fill-in-the-Draw 2010 RACE to Doha & Bali| 25th October {Final Standings}

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