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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

Palermo SF: Polona def. Flavia, 6-2 6-2

I finally saw this match...Well I think Flavia did try, she made some aggressive play and hit some of her trademark BH DTL winners but she didn't get too many chances to make them. Polona played quite well and her forehand is working (also did well with that kicker serve) Flavia on the other hand made some loose errors on her FH side. For most of the time, she was on the defensive and even on neutral rallies Polona was outrallying her. She was also a bit late in reacting in some of those short balls that Polona normally produces on her backhand so by the time she gets to the ball all she can muster is a short reply giving Polona all the time to pass her on the net. Another thing I noticed is that she's slower than usual in chasing those dropshots. In the first set she barely got to most of them and whenever she did she just ends up losing the point.

As for her serve, as has been said it was really a bad serving day. It's hard to make headway in a match when winning a point on your serve is an epic struggle. She was spinning most of her serve (incl. some 1st serves) with not much placement and pace, and as a result got punished on the return. It also did not help that Polona had serve well and apart from a handful of returns, Flavia wasn't able to do much on the kicker to her BH as she is usually capable of against this kind of serve (i.e. see her matches against Stosur).
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