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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

Originally Posted by wiwa View Post
knew it

I'm not sure what you mean by "hits it late". Do you refer to his skills as a Duracell bunny?
btw I wrote in the Sofa-coaching thread why I compare it with Rafa.
I mean he doesn't hit the ball in front of him. A lot of times he hits (especially when he's pushed way behind the baseline) the ball when it's almost at the side of his body. This is usually why his follow-through (the motion after contact to the ball) is loop over his head. Players with an extreme FH grip like Rafa does this a lot.

ETA: Flavia hits the ball more in front. In the AO 2011 final, the commentators did a comparison of Flavia and Gisela's FH (on the ROS I think) and you can see the difference on their contact point. Gisela with the more extreme grip hits it more late while Flavia tends to hit the ball slightly in front of her. One advantage for Gisela is that it's harder to read where she will place her return as she hits the ball so late.
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