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Re: Sofa-coaching: Match Review and Discussions 2011 Edition

Originally Posted by wiwa View Post
Aren't we all obsessed by the motion of tennis, especially when it is performed by beautiful bodies

that really made me think once more about the forehand

For me as a non-player, Flavias forehand is a riddle. Have you noticed that the full stretched forehand is better than the standing forhand? It is not like she lacks power.

I compare it to Rafa, because the motion of her swing is as short and jagged like his. Other women used to have a wide open swing long before they go into the ball.

And I really think that her long arms is a handicap, too. IMO She has not the right balance and timing during the strike. And now she's hitting a million forehands during the training, with exaclty no result. Kill the coach for that!

Here some photos of her fh. They look so weird to me, because the arm is bent that much:
I'm not sure what you meant by this?

About the arm being too bent...It is true that sometimes players (not just Flavia) do that especially when they don't have enough time to get into proper position. They are however pros so they can rotate their upper body and get power and balance from their legs to generate enough pace on their swing. Based from those pics, I don't think arm is that close when hitting the shot. Notice how her elbow is not touching her body? Anyways, I'll try to watch more closely the next time I watch her match. It's hard to tell accurately from a few pics.

As for her long arms, the key is to move your legs fast enough to get into the proper position so the ball wouldn't be too close to your body. Having long arms should be good for a tennis player as it gives them more reach.
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