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Originally Posted by joy division View Post
It might be too early to ask that question, but how far can Julia go in her career ?
All in all, I think, Julia is actually a very talented tennis player.
She climbed up the rankings quite rapidly, and achieved already a lot in her career, getting in the Top 20.
Together with Andrea and Sabine, she has a large share, that German women`s tennis currently looks up again. There is no doubt.
In the last three Grand Slams she lost her 3.round matches in a pretty similar way.
Especially against Domenica at Wimbledon, it was obvious, that Julia lost confidence in her game, when it mattered, although she was clearly the better player, when her game was on.
At this level of stage she needs to get more consistent and determined.
Can Julia still go a step further and is this just a matter of time and experience ?
Another poster accurately said, that her game is big, but she can`t yet master it.
Hard to compare, but if you watch the latest progressions of other "hard hitters" like Kvitova and Ivanovic, it seems to be very important, how you can handle this point ?
Any meanings ?
Julia herself said before her recent success that she wants to take it one step at a time, that it's not important to climb the rankings fast but steadily. I also heard her saying that it's her game to go for it, even if she misses a lot. But because her game was always a little bit hit and miss she learned to deal with it and won't let discourage her by some errors.With her Title and the SF she jumped up the rankings a bit, but I'm quite confident that her approach hasn't changed. In recent interviews she comes accross as being very rational about the losses at GS and she said that she learned a lot from it. To be honest I would be a little bit worried if she had even more success than she actually had because I thinks the step by step approach seems to be the better one than to skyrocket to success. Because now she can learn to bring the big game to big matches with some ups and downs. But if she had really unexpected success now, if she were constantly on an up, I don't know if she could cope well if than things were not going here way, let alone handling the pressure the Big success alone brings with it.
So long story short, I'm not worried, everything is going according to plan, even better to be precise beacause nobody expected her to win Stuttgart. The approach is step by step and I'm happy with that, because with a to big of a jump the likely fallback could be hurtfull, the question would be if she could cope with that. So I'm optimistic for Julia's future and the women's tennis in germany in general. That's good for Julia too, because she can share the inevetable media pressure in germany wit Sabine and Andrea. So at the end there is just one thing to say foe me now: GO JULIA
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