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Re: Anna articles and interviews


The chronicle item of last events in Anna [Chakvetadze]'s life is well known to the readers “[SE]”; therefore it would not be desirable to return to it now. I note only that on Tuesday in the evening our 52nd racket of peace conducted the second match after the two-month interruption in the appearances, connected with faintings at three different tournaments. Last week in Dutch [Khertogenboshe] it lost to the Spaniard Of [lourdes] of [Dominges]- Lina - 1:6, 4:6, and it at this time yielded to Maria by Sharapova. This game, the place of conducting by which organizers determined at the last moment, took place not somewhere, but on central Kort, they continued 68 minutes and was completed with the score 6:2, 6: 1. 6 [breykov] of Sharapova her 24- summer rival answered only by one, what it, it goes without saying, proved to be insufficiently for the victory.

From the side [Chakvetadze] by no means produces the impression of man, whom has something not in the order with the health. Moreover, in comparison with her associates, who already half a year without the respite travel throughout entire planet, Anna appears much fresher. Mood after defeat in it, of course, was not the better, nevertheless some questions [Chakvetadze] answered with the humor. But when young likable girl, who fell into not the simplest life situation, finds in herself forces to joke - this, you will agree, already good.
I began from a distance.

- Anna, for the beginning, if you please, you will share with your impressions from today's match.

- To this Wimbleton I went without the special hopes, situation was evaluated adequately, since perfectly well knew its physical state. After you nothing make one-and-a-half month, two weeks of trainings, of course, insufficiently. But to pass Wimbleton me greatly it was not desirable and furthermore I love grassy coating. Most important of all for me it was today to play match completely and finish him on the feet. (It smiles.) True, some incomprehensible sensations again appeared on the motion of game, and this upset me.

- Do not frighten, if you please.

- In principle I understand, that completely she cured herself. But recollection about that which was very recently, nevertheless they remain, since to fall three times on the people is not very pleasant. Briefly stated, health today a little pumped. And with this it is necessary to make something, since cannot be played. But defeat as such in no way astonished me.

- What was your state in [Khertogenboshe]?

- That game flew so rapidly that I simply understood nothing.

- A during the trainings as itself you do feel?

- It is felt heavily, but purely physical fatigue there is present.

- You are trained by the total force or in the unloading regime?

- Since in me in the reserve was only two weeks for the preparation, I tried to be trained very actively. I do not know, can, it was necessary to begin to work in another regime, while not on six hours during the day.

- On six hours?!

- I hoped to have time to pull immediately and physical form, and tennis components. But she rapidly understood that to make this is simply unreal in such short time, after four days of trainings i in the mornings began complicatedly to arise from the bed. (It smiles.)

- It is understandable. And are such your nearest plans?

- In the tournaments to participate in the next weeks I am not going, since they will pass on ground, where with my form now accurately it can't be helped. Three next weeks I will be trained, and then I plan to go into America to a series of the tournaments before US Of open. C[amoe] main thing for me now - health to finally repair.

- At the beginning of season you trained Argentinean Christian [Kordazh]…

- We parted with it even before the tournament in Indiana- Wells.

- On whose initiative?

- To the larger degree - on it.

- It did not remain offence for the fact that you they did throw in a similar situation?

- Of course not. I related to this with the understanding. The more stable work, with which I ensure to it could not, is nevertheless necessary to man.

- New trainer to itself search for you will be?

- Thus far I will work with Andrey [Olkhovskiy], who agreed to help before an American series. But it is further - let us look.

- It is interesting, before your return in [Khertogenboshe] the representatives female tennis association did ask to grant some evidence about the fact that they did cure themselves? Indeed for sure WTA Of tour is not interested in the continuation of a series of your faintings. This is the best advertisement for it.

- In [Khertogenboshe] before the output on Kort me looked doctor, formally measured on pressure. Also in me the copies of all discharges from the hospital, where I was treated, asked. With the serious problems with the health it is better to be turned not to the doctors of stage, but to other specialists. After fainting in Stuttgart generally incorrect diagnosis was placed to me.

- With the doctors from the clinic, in which was passed the treatment, you do contact constantly?

- Certainly. Now I will return to Moscow and I will be located under the observation.

- About the level of Maria's game to Sharapova today something can say?

- If it is concrete, then I hinder. Masha, as usual, powerful beats along the ball, but it is objective to me to judge complicatedly about her form after this match. I think only that here by it on the forces to play very well. Finally - why no?


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